In advance of tomorrow’s Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Spectacular #1, DC has released a Denny O’Neil tribute comic.

The six page short (which you can read now on DC’s website), is illustrated by Jorge Fornes (Rorschach), colored by Dave Stewart, and written by Larry O’Neil, who is the late Denny O’Neil’s son. Green Arrow was just one of the many characters who Denny O’Neil wrote for DC Comics over the years, perhaps most-famously penning the Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics, which were illustrated by Neal Adams, O’Neil’s collaborator on Batman.

The story is titled Tap, Tap, Tap, and it is one of 12 that will appear in tomorrow’s Green Arrow anniversary anthology. It is also a very touching look at the life of the legendary DC Comics creator, one that is entirely silent throughout, with the exception of the final page. As DC describes it in its own press, “The intimate look at Denny’s life chronicles the challenges and victories both in and out of comics, from his childhood to raising a family, and his stellar career as a writer, until his passing in 2020.”

A full list of the other stories in tomorrow’s anthology — as well as some preview pages from the Denny O’Neil tribute story — can be found below…

“The Disappearing Bandit” –  Written by Mariko Tamaki, Art by Javier Rodriguez
“Punching Evil” – Written by Tom Taylor, Art by Nicola Scott, Colors by Annette Kwok
“Who Watches the Watchtower?” – Written by Stephanie Phillips, Art by Chris Mooneyham, Colors by Mike Spicer
“Out of the Shadows” – Written and Art by Mike Grell, Colors by Lovern Kindzerski
“The Arrow and the Song” – Written by Ram V, Art by Christopher Mitten, Colors by Ivan Plascencia
“One” – Written by Brandon Thomas, Art by Jorge Corona, Colors by Matheus Lopes
“Green Man and Autumn Son” – Written by Devin Grayson, Art by Max Fiumara
“Star City Star” – Written and Art by Phil Hester, Inks by Ande Parks, Colors by Trish Mulvihill
“Happy Anniversary” – Written by Vita Ayala, Art by Laura Braga, Colors by Adriano Lucas
“The Sympathy of the Woods” – Written by Ben Percy, Art by Otto Schmidt
“The Last Green Arrow Story” – Written by Jeff Lemire, Art by Andrea Sorrentino, Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Denny O'Neil tribute

Denny O'Neil tribute