In Into the Midnight City by Can Richards, a human named Archibald “Archie” Hawthorn leads a detective team that includes a vampire named Wyatt Finch and a witch named Circe. The Hawthorn Detective Agency solves mysteries in Midnight City, a place where the undead (and other supernatural entities) just need to use public transportation like the rest of us!

Midnight City
But what does the bus smell like, Wyatt?

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast includes characters like Dahlia, a vampire who works for Miss Mayor and has been working on a map of the city’s ley lines, as well as the rest of the denizens of the Hawthorn Manor Apartments, including Hawthorn’s dog, Mina (who gets the benefit of trying out Circe’s newest potions).

The story begins with the trio of private detectives investigating the mystery of Abernathy Manor. While they are able to banish the immediate threat of spirits, they aren’t able to determine the source of the problem.

And that isn’t the only ongoing problem they have! Circe is dealing with a curse that makes anyone who touches her bare skin fall in love with her. Meanwhile, Finch is dealing with the transition to being undead, and Hawthorn is navigating the legacy of their parents, who both had a high-profile adventuring career.

Those spooky suckers never stood a chance!

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Midnight City
Please do not touch Circe’s hand.

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