Marvel Comics has released one of their patented vague teaser images for a storyline coming to the pages of Miles Morales: Spider-Man in April. The image features the logo for the series, and a title with some heavy connotations for long-time Spider-Man fans: “Clone Saga.”

Spider-Man Clone Saga

The Clone Saga is one of the most infamous storylines in Spider-Man history. A follow-up to a 1975 storyline, the story kicked off in 1994 and saw Peter Parker, having become convinced that he was a clone of the real Spider-Man who had in advertently taken the real Peter’s place years prior, replaced by Ben Reilly, to apparent ‘real’ Peter Parker who had been living in secret and occasionally operating under the identity of Scarlet Spider. The storyline was criticized for its length – it ultimately spanned over two years – and by fans who were upset that they hadn’t been reading the “real” Spider-Man for the last twenty years. In the end it all turned out to be a plot by a resurrected Norman Osborn, Peter returned as the main Spider-Man, and Reilly returned to the Scarlet Spider identity.

Miles Morales has already recently had to face off against a clone of himself. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #17 by writer Saladin Ahmed, artists Carmen Carnero & David Curiel, and letterer Cory Petit ended with a duplicate Miles appearing in his bedroom, and Miles fought the clone throughout the following issue before being captured. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #19 revealed that the clone had been created at the behest of Ultimatum, whose identity was revealed in that issue (no spoilers if you’re behind).

Will the latest Clone Saga play out similarly for Miles as it did for the original Spider-Man? Miles Morales: Spider-Man #18 ended with both Miles and the clone caught in a venom blast, which knocked them both out. Could the Miles we’ve been following since then be a clone? It seems unlikely, as some major things have happened in Miles’s life between then and now – namely the death of his uncle Aaron and the return of some of his pre-Secret Wars memories – but stranger, wilder things have happened.

Look for the new Clone Saga to begin in the pages of Miles Morales: Spider-Man this April.