Amazing-SPider-Man-4-Variant-Humberto-Ramosby David Nieves

Marvel got their C2E2 Saturday off to a running start with a panel dedicated to their next big event, Original Sin. The panel consisted of Mark Waid (who wrote last weeks zero issue) alongside James Robinson and editors Nick Lowe, Mike Marts, and Jordan White. Waid gets things started by talking about his identification with Uatu. According to him both are guys with a big bald head who know a lot about continuity.

Lowe talked about the murder mystery behind Original Sin, saying that the secrets the Watcher has could “do a lot of damage to a lot of people.” Characters who will play a large role in the series include Captain America, the Punisher, and Nick Fury who will be key in figuring out who murdered the Watcher.

The Original Sins tie in series was talked about on the panel. It will focus on the secrets held by Uatu in secret origin type stories featuring characters from all over the Marvel Universe. Issue 3 will feature a story by Charles Soule about Black Bolt and a new character named Lineage; after that their story will be featured in Inhuman. In addition to Sins, ongoing series in the Marvel U will also see tie-ins. One of those tie-ins will affect Peter Park with the reveal of a second person who was bit by the same radioactive spider. The cover image featuring the character named Silk was shown to the audience.

James Robinson spoke a little about the ongoing tie-ins he’s writing, most notable among them will be Fantastic Four 6-7. Robinson said, “The basic premise of the sin is that Johnny Storm messed up an opportunity to turn The Thing back into Ben Grimm.” This story will lead into a new arc that will see Ben Grimm become a murderer himself.

Waid talked about Daredevil 6, which reveals why Matt Murdock’s mother left him and his father. “It runs the risk of changing everything he does, why does everything he does,” said Waid. He also teased some easter eggs in issue 1.5 would give other story details coming soon to the book.

Mike Marts, pitched the last will of Charles Xavier and how it would tie-in to Original Sin. He noted how Bendis kept wanting to up his idea and once he got to where he wanted it, Marts wasn’t sure if his superiors would let them do it.

Nova 18-19 will reveal secrets about Sam’s father and the Black Novas. Lowe promised issues that will rock Sam to his core. Nova’s series tie-ins will also deal with Sam mourning for the Watcher, who as we saw in last week’s Original Sin 0, appeared to have a friendship with Uatu.

Nick Lowe talked about Original Sin: Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm, the series with the longest title will have the most impact. Angela is revealed to be Thor’s sister and the series will pick up on that and add the origin of the tenth realm she comes from. We’ll also see how Angela will react to Odin being her biological father.

The S.H.I.E.L.D series by Jonathan Hickman is coming back with secrets of its own. But, a few more issues need to be finished before it officially goes back on solicit schedule.

A fan asked about any secrets we’ll learn about Marvel’s villains. Waid said “most villains don’t keep their sins secret!” Robinson did note that one of Doctor Doom’s sins will be in the Original Sins tie-in series.

Later a fan asked about Winter Soldier, Lowe assured him that he will figure in Original Sin as part of the team Nick Fury puts together.

Get ready to learn the Sins of Howard the freakin Duck! Original Sins just made it to my pull list.

With that the deus ended to a round of applause from the audience.


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