American Vampire Second Cycleby David Fairbanks


John Cunningham hosted C2E2’s Vertigo: Defy panel featuring Scott Snyder, Lee Bermejo, Greg Lockard, and Amy Chu.

Snyder is eager to return to American Vampire with Second Cycle, saying “Taking a break sucked. We had always planned to take a break because Rafael [Albuquerque] had stuff he wanted to finish, and I had the Superman stuff coming up, but we both immediately regretted it. It got me really depressed being away from the series.”

Second Cycle will focus on bringing together all of the characters and the various strains of vampirism and crashing them together. In the DC: All Access panel, Snyder described it as “every monster in the world versus the devil,” elaborating that he is exploring the idea behind why diverse and disconnected cultures have similar myths surrounding hell and the devil. Second Cycle will carry the series through 60’s and 70’s America with overlaps with the NASA space program, the Hell’s Angels, and borrowing elements from Spaghetti Westerns.

Bermejo describes Suiciders as a post-disaster book that takes place in a split LA 30 years after a massive earthquake, where the walled city of New Angeles shields the wealthy from the poor in Lost Angeles’ no-man’s land of crime and depravity. The title characters, the suiciders, are competitors in gladatorial games.

Lockard briefly mentioned Si Spencer’s sci-fi/horror/historical fiction mashup Bodies, which will see print in July and feature artwork from Dean Ormston, Phil Winslade, Meghan Hetrick, and Tula Lotay, each of whom will illustrate a different era in the career of a time-traveling serial killer.

The new anthology series CMYK takes the name from the four-color printing process of comics, with the first issue focusing on Cyan and carrying very loose connections to the theme. Cyan features nine stories, and Chu described hers as a conflict of new vs. old, focusing on a rebooted Detroit on the upswing with an older R&B singer who had been put out to pasture meeting up with an up-and-coming popstar at a ribbon cutting ceremony. Chu says “people didn’t know [she] could get that dark.” Fabio Moon will also have a six page overarching story in each of the CMYK books. Cyan is released April 30, with the remaining issues shipping quarterly.


  1. Good to hear Suiciders is still on the cards, as it was supposed to be one of the new Vertigo ongoings announced last year. Any news on The Discipline, another one of these?

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