Well, that was fast. A few months back, Marvel discontinued their practice of including a code for a bonus digital copy of various comics. I think they thought no one really cared, but it turns out readers did care…a lot. Digital codes were openly traded and auctioned, some readers liked to used them to read the comic while keeping the print edition in mint, and in generall…people like getting free bonus things.

The program was replaced with free bonus codes for a DIFFERENT book which was…just marketing. And folks didn’t like it.

So today as part of their tinkering with their approach to the marketplace, the old program is back!




  1. 85 days before going back to the original redemption program.

    New Coke lasted 80 days before Coca-Cola announced going back to Coke Classic.

  2. Happy they’re going back to the old program.

    I’ve already started getting a bunch of Aftershock, Dark Horse, DC, Dynamite and Image titles though so even if I buy more Marvel now, it won’t be going back to my old purchase levels unless DC does something really stupid or the titles I’m following get cancelled.

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