Are you bugging out? Because we are. This afternoon at WonderCon, DC assembled the ranks of their Young Animal creators for a special panel to talk about the future direction of the boutique imprint headed by Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy, My Chemical Romance). In addition to Way, attendees included Vertigo Group Editor Jamie S. Rich, Shade, the Changing Girl writer Cecil Castellucci, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye co-writer Jon Rivera, and Mother Panic writer Jody Houser.

Panel attendees got a first look at the fifth title in the DC lineup, BUG!: The Adventures of Forager. Co-created by Lee, Michael, and Laura Allred, this family outing focuses on the Jack Kirby character Forager, who “finds himself in a mysterious house in an unknown realm. When he attempts to make his way home, he’ll meet a number of strange creatures, but none so dangerous as the evil General Electric.” The first issue is out May 10th and we have the preview pages below for your viewing pleasure:

Way, who in addition to curating Young Animal is writing Doom Patrol alongside artist Nick Derington, attempted to put rumors about the series’ cancellation to bed. He talked about the special one-shot issue of the series being drawn by guest artist Michael Allred. We now know that that issue, at least, will be released in July.

In other news, Prez and The Flintstones writer Mark Russell will produce a Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye back-up feature alongside artist Benjamin Dewey (Autumnlands). The feature will be called “The Wonderful World of Rocks” and will begin showing up in issue 7 of the series.

Finally, writers Castellucci and Houser showcased new art from Shade, the Changing Girl and Mother Panic, respectively. Check out that gorgeous Jen Bartel Shade variant!!!



  1. I hope this means Allred is off Silver Surfer. I really hated the direction of that book (I know I’m in the minority there). I’ve Allred’s stuff, just want to see him move on there.

  2. Allred’s pages look gorgeous. I hope he’s off Silver Surfer, Slott really destroyed the core of the character when he brought back Shalla-Ball and made her a villain.

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