With a world so full of caped crusaders and men in tights, don’t you get tired of the same old same? Of course you do! Luckily for you here at the Beat we have the cure for what ails ya! And it’s called Beast Wagon. This underrated indie gem is a rarity; a truly unique story in the wooly world of Wednesday warriors.

Delving into topics that get big two writers sacked if they even think about them, Beast Wagon is not messing about, with important, relevant and urgent political themes, this is not your kids talking animal book.

Written By Owen Michael Johnson, illustrated by John Pearson, lettered by Colin Bell and with design assists from Gavin James Weir, this book is one hell of a trip, visually stunning with art so original that it’s hard to compare it to anyone that’s come before — though when I tell people about this book I describe it as Moebius doing Animal Farm but with more radical politics and swearing — a story that is dense and esoteric and yet still manages to be gripping, visually stunning and haunting.

It’s rare that you’ll read a better or more original comic this year so take advantage of it whilst you can. Sadly Beast Wagon is coming to an end very soon, but for now you can grab the first two issues for free from here – https://t.co/5aG1vV1RwR