The most recent issue of House of X saw Xavier and Magneto welcome would-be world conquerer and immortal mutant En Sabah Nur into the fold on Krakoa. If anyone thought ol’ Apocalypse would sit back and relax now, though, they have another think coming if Marvel‘s newest teaser for the forthcoming Excalibur series by Tini HowardMarcus To, and Erick Arciniega is any indication:

“Some mutants are never satisfied,” the teaser reads above an image of Apocalypse looking out over Krakoa.

Excalibur is one of the six new mutant titles set to debut as part of the Dawn of X follow-up to the currently-running House of X and Powers of X relaunch of the X-Men titles spearheaded by writer Jonathan Hickman. The new Excalibur series features Betsy Braddock taking over the role of Captain Britain from her brother, Brian, and leading a team that includes Apocalypse among other more traditional X-characters.

What’s Apocalypse planning? Is Excalibur going to be a series about Apocalypse spinning political intrigue on Krakoa? (If so, I’m 100% in for that.) We’ll find out when the series launches at the end of this month.

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