Given how unbelievably hyped everything is regarding what’s happening with Jonathan Hickman’s ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN run, it’s not that unsurprising to see G.O.D.S. end with issue #8. The Marvel comic was highly taught as a rather ambitious project. First, as their only real original series introducing new characters among Marvel’s current running titles. Then second, as a comic series based on these strangely magical yet scientifically grounded characters and events, all operating beyond the confines of reality. It was something meant to build off of Marvel’s established Pantheon, with phenomenal artwork by artist Valerio Schiti and colors by Marte Gracia that felt immersive in world-building… even if the messages felt confusing at times.

Originally launched in a much-hyped shakeup of the company. The teaser out at Marvel right now implies a rather significant ending in G.O.D.S. #8. In it, we can see Wyn locked in battle against multiple iterations of himself, and its quote, “To all things, an ending” feels a tad ominous. With an uncertain future as to where G.O.D.S. will fit in the future though with many possible implications of having a return to the characters.

In a report covered by Popverse, there are hints that the readership of the ongoing G.O.D.S. just wasn’t there. The group cited an interview conducted with Jonathan Hickman back in August of 2023 and how despite the interest in the company to try something new, it ultimately fell upon the fans to buy it:

“Obviously, Marvel wants to do a lot more, but that will depend on whether people like it or not. I have no control over th — well, I guess I have some control over that. So, we’ll see. But everybody at the company is behind it, everybody digs it, Valerio really crushed it, so… we’ll see.”

As of now, this is goodbye to Marvel’s G.O.D.S. Though I do expect a comeback of sorts in the future.

G.O.D.S. To all things, an ending

G.O.D.S. #8




On Sale 5/15


  1. Yeah, G.O.D.S. has been so confusing. I was so hyped for it. Around the third or fourth issue, I was having to reread previous issues because I was so lost. Poor editing. Hickman needs to be reigned in.

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