A few weeks back, Marvel released a teaser image for a story called Empyre, which they dubbed “the earth-shattering event of 2020.” The image was accompanied by a trailer featuring blurred images and heavily-redacted talking points from Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski and executive editor Tom Brevoort. Now that the Incoming! one-shot has been released, the publisher has revealed additional information on Empyre, including the creative team behind the story and the players who will be involved.

Writers Al Ewing and Dan Slott will co-write Empyre, which will be illustrated by Valerio Schiti. The story will feature both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Slott is currently the writer of the FF’s ongoing series, and March’s Fantastic Four #20 was solicited as a countdown issue to the event, so more crossover in that title seems likely. Empyre will see the two teams protecting Earth from the newly-combined Kree & Skrull empires, who came together at the end of the Incoming! one-shot under the leadership of former Young Avenger Hulkling.

Along with the news, Marvel has released an un-redacted version of the trailer from a few weeks ago. The video features a preview of some of Schiti’s interior art for Empyre.


Details on the length of the series, and on what will surely be the numerous tie-ins that go along with it, have yet to be revealed. Look for Empyre to arrive from Marvel in April 2020.