With the much-teased Incoming! #1 arriving in comic shops in less than two weeks, Marvel is already alluding to forthcoming events springing out of the one-shot. The publisher has released a teaser for something called Empyre, with a tagline calling the story “The earth-shattering event of 2020.”

Empyre teaser

Along with the image, Marvel has also released an announcement video for the series, featuring Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski and executive editor Tom Brevoort explaining what the series is. Good luck actually learning anything from this video, though—if either of them says anything of substance in the nearly minute-long video, it’s rather annoyingly bleeped and redacted.

No information on a creative team, or even the characters involved in the series, has been revealed at this time, so speculation on the story would be purely that. Still, knowing that the story springs out of Incoming! could lead to some answers. Looking at past teasers, we know that a murder mystery lies at the center of the issue; that three members of Krakoa’s council, Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Apocalypse, are involved; and that the Champions are featured (which is likely in reference to the recently-announced Eve L. Ewing-written Outlawed storyline).

Perhaps the most relevant Incoming! teaser, though, is the very first one released, which appears to feature an outline of the former Young Avenger Hulkling against a star background, with the text “One will unite them!”

Incoming! teaser

The child of the Kree Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, and a Skrull princess, the teaser indicates that Hulkling’s shared heritage between the two long-warring races may make him the leader who finally brings them together. The purple and yellow of the Empyre logo is reminiscent of the striking colors of Hulkling’s blonde hair and the purple of his uniform, and the crumbling of the logo seems very Hulk-like. Could the empire being referred to be a united Kree/Skrull empire?

Perhaps all will be revealed soon, when the 80-page Incoming! one-shot arrives in comic shops and digitally in two weeks.


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