few weeks back we reported on some turmoil at Heavy Metal, the venerable comics magazine, with editor Hannah Mean-Shannon resigning, and word that ceo Jeff Krelitz was being removed.  This followed many rumors of cash flow issues tocontributors. Long time partners Paul Reder and Llexi Leon took over getting the house in order and now they have found a new CEO. 

According to a press release that was sent out, the new CEO is Matthew Medney, who is currently  the founder and CEO of comic book publishing company, Herø Projects, Based on its website, Herø is one of those packaging companies that puts together comics based on music acts –  clients include Live Nation, Rolling Loud, 311, Shaggy, Nghmre and more.

According to the PR, Krelitz has made his exit official, selling his ownership interests. However, he was friendly enough to give a quote for the PR:

His departure completes his affiliation to the brand to which he gave the better part of the last decade. When asked about Jeff’s departure, Mr. Medney said,  “Jeff put his mark on Heavy Metal, creating new and exciting opportunities for the company. We at Heavy Metal have nothing but gratitude for the hard work and time Jeff put into the company. We wish him the best with his new endeavors.” When asked, Mr. Krelitz commented on his departure with the following:

 “The only thing constant with Heavy Metal Magazine is change. From the early days of National Lampoon and Julie Simmons-Lynch to Kevin Eastman’s run to the direction Grant Morrison and I took it in, each has brought their own stimulating aesthetic and unique voice to the magazine. I’m really excited to see what new places Matt takes it.” 

Medney writes many of Herøo’s projects and pledges to bring “his creator-first sensibility to Heavy Metal, where he will focus on building a community-driven company, as well as collaborate with partners that support the core values of the Heavy Metal brand.”

In his statement he added:

 “Heavy Metal is the leading magazine publication in Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy, for the past forty years. I believe that with where the audience and fan community is today, it has more potential than ever before to expand beyond the printed pages. I look forward to the coming months and years in building on the legacy of this institutional brand, that will excite and engage our fans while reaching and welcoming new fans into our community.”  

Medney will remain involved with Herø, and hopes to leverage the two brands to work together, as well as expand Heavy Metal into media, consuemr products, and even print.

Heavy Metal, the magazine, is certainly a great brand, with a great heritage, and we’ll be watching to see how the new team moves forward.