It turns out Marvel Studios still had enough to announcements to blow audiences away at D23 Expo 2019 after unveiling Phase 4 at Comic-Con. On Friday at the Expo, Marvel shared teasers announcing She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel for Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, which launches November 19.

So far, the only detail we know is that British writer Bisha K. Ali is the showrunner for Ms. Marvel, which was revealed earlier today by The Hollywood Reporter. On Friday, the logos for each show were also revealed; they are in the same style as the others revealed in Hall H, creating a comprehensive look and feel despite each logo having its own unique touch.

Check out the logos for She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel below, and stay tuned for more news from D23.
Marvel Disney+ Series: She-Hulk

Marvel Disney+ Series: Moon Knight

Marvel Disney+ Series: Ms. Marvel


  1. Can’t wait til these new streaming services start to collapse, as people realize they can’t afford to pay for multiple services. Especially if a recession hits next year, as a lot of economists are predicting.

    I hope Criterion’s service does survive. I couldn’t care less about Disney and Warner.

  2. @Bill: Just thinking about your comment… people pay $15 each plus popcorn to see comics movies. I suspect $8/month for these services will be justifiable for many cash-strapped households. Especially if one considers that a couple together spends $30 to see one of these movies.

  3. It’s $15 if you live in a big city and pay for parking and overpriced popcorn. I see movies at matinees, at theaters that have free parking. It costs about $7.

    Each streaming service will charge a separate fee. If you want to see a Disney movie or series, you’ll only be able to see it on Disney+. If you want to see a Warner movie, you’ll have to subscribe to the new Warner service. That’s going to add up, removing the reason why so many people abandoned cable TV.

    Meanwhile, Disney has canceled its first show before the service even launches:


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