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SHUT IN THEATER: Video game adventures under quarantine

We've never needed escapism more.
batman creature of the night review

REVIEW: BATMAN: CREATURE OF THE NIGHT is a worthy follow-up to...

CREATURE OF THE NIGHT presents a dark reflection of Batman more representative of the tragic life of Bruce Wayne.

Matt Chats: Christian Ward on writing, coloring, but not illustrating MACHINE...

Ward describes how MACHINE GUN WIZARDS came together, his unique coloring process, and his experience writing for another artist.

INTERVIEW: Tyler Boss dishes on his Dark Horse series DEAD DOG’S...

Tyler discusses his unique storytelling choices, drawing pages with high panel counts, and handling every aspect of the creative process.

WB Games planned to announce new BATMAN and HARRY POTTER titles...

The games are still happening, but E3 isn't.

Matt Chats: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou on comics criticism and his PanelxPanel Kickstarter

Hassan describes the development of the One Shots and his passion for the critical analysis of comics.

INTERVIEW: W. Maxwell Prince on his new BOOM! series KING OF...

The ICE CREAM MAN writer describes his new comic about a scumbag in a surrealist world.

Open World mobile game MARVEL FUTURE REVOLUTION announced with trailer

It looks ambitious for a mobile game.

Coronavirus is already hurting the video game industry, and may cause...

The outbreak in China has already delayed games and changed plans. But that may just be the start of the problems for video games in 2020.

Matt Chats: Lane Lloyd on his spontaneous, Seussian comic GOD-PUNCHER

The cartoonist describes how he makes the comics feel cohesive but unpredictable.
John Constantine Hellblazer 4


Matías Bergara describes the appeal of Constantine and his collaborations with Si Spurrier and Jordie Bellaire.

Examining The Insight Project, a mental health resource born out of...

Ninja Theory, the developer behind HELLBLADE: SENUA'S SACRIFICE, recently announced an initiative aimed at using video game technology to assist individuals with mental suffering.