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Matt Chats: Carlos Giffoni on cats and connection in his interstellar...

What's not to like about cosmic kitties?

Eisner-winning Challengers Comics opening 2nd store in River North, Chicago

Learn more about their second location AKA "Challengers Blue"

Podcast Watch: Making Comics Edition

Some of the most valuable resources aspiring creators will find anywhere.

OVERWATCH is a superhero game, even though no one mentions it

The title is defined by its comic book influences, and one of the series' biggest reveals even occurred in an Overwatch digital comic.


Matt Fraction's return to crime comics is a total delight, especially with the art team by his side.

Matt Chats: Alex Cormack on drawing the gruesome art of IDW’s...

The artist discusses the making of the supernatural-tinged, horror-filled war story.

Making Comics: Writing scripts people actually want to read

A script for a comic book doesn't have to read like an instruction manual.

Blizzard’s flurry of announcements distracts from non-apology over Hong Kong ban

We can be excited about Diablo 4, but let's not forget Blizzard's tacit support of China's human rights violations.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT ventures into the afterlife with ‘Shadowlands’ expansion

Blizzard revealed a big addition to its longest-running franchise.

Blizzard announces auto chess mobile game HEARTHSTONE BATTLEGROUNDS

The title puts a spin on classic Hearthstone gameplay.

No single-player campaign in OVERWATCH 2, but Blizzard promises more story...

Everything you know from the original Overwatch and new Destiny-like PvE story missions.

New MARVEL’S AVENGERS trailer offers a tease of its online gameplay

A lot of upgrading, customizing, and earning (or buying) outfits