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Matt Chats: From funnybooks to FUNNY OR DIE with Ben Rosen

The FUNNY OR DIE writer shares how he went from drawing humor comics to moving to Hollywood to pursue a career in comedy.

PRETENDING I’M A SUPERMAN tells the story of how Tony Hawk...

The documentary explores how a video game series saved skateboarding culture.

Pokémon becomes a MOBA with POKÉMON UNITE

The PokéMOBA introduces the popular franchise to a new genre.

Deep dive into AVENGERS game reveals MODOK as the villain, shows...

MODOK may never be in an MCU film, but he makes for the perfect video game villain.

EA Play event unveils new content for APEX LEGENDS, STAR WARS:...

The showcased revealed new content and questionably treated a call for inclusivity as a form of promotion.

Warner Bros Interactive is up for sale. What does that mean...

With AT&T almost $200 billion in debt, what else is the conglomerate looking to sell off?

Matt Chats: Joseph Sieracki and Kelly Williams on penning Top Shelf’s...

The creative team describes how they turned Joseph's grandfather's letter about his time at war into a full-length graphic novel.

INTERVIEW: Magdalene Visaggio discusses how Star Trek led her to LOST...

Magdalene talks about the series where a young woman finds her way in the universe and how it connects to her own life experiences.

SHUT IN THEATER: What makes Super Smash Bros. a better crossover...

Video games can offer a level of fan service that would be overwhelming in any film, TV series, or comic.

Trailer: Face off in X-wings and TIE fighters in STAR WARS:...

Join either the Rebel or Imperial fleet in this 5x5 multiplayer game and its single-player campaign.

Sony set a new bar with its PlayStation 5 reveal

The video presentation checked all the boxes for gamers.

Spider-Man, Sackboy, and robot dinosaurs headline Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event

Sony revealed over a dozen new games coming to the PlayStation 5