Yesterday, Nintendo announced its first major live event in the US since its appearance at E3 2019. Now that it’s successfully run multiple Nintendo Live shows from Japan, the video game company is bringing the experience to Seattle, Washington in September. Here are activities to expect at Nintendo Live 2023:

Games: Have a blast together with popular Nintendo Switch™ games. Play familiar favorites at your own pace, jump into friendly competitions together, or try something new to you!

Live Stage: Bring your energy and enjoy live stage performances, thrilling competitions, and more.

Photo Ops: Meet and snap a share-worthy picture with some of your favorite Nintendo characters, check out sculptures that faithfully bring in-game worlds to the real world, and other fun stuff.

Tournaments: Cheer on top competitors as they go for the gold in high-level play.

Here’s Nintendo’s full description of the event:

After initially debuting in Japan, a Nintendo Live event is coming to the U.S.! Nintendo Live 2023 is a new way to experience the games and worlds of Nintendo, with fun gameplay, live stage performances, exciting gaming tournaments, memorable photo ops and more. Held in Seattle in September, the in-person event will celebrate Nintendo’s unique entertainment on the Nintendo Switch system, inviting all members of the family to come together, play and have fun.

“Fans of all ages can currently experience the unique games, characters and worlds of Nintendo on Nintendo Switch, but we want to expand that scope with a new experience,” said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser. “With Nintendo Live 2023, we’re giving attendees a chance to celebrate together with family, friends and the broader Nintendo community in the spirit of fun and creating long-lasting memories.”

At Nintendo Live 2023 in Seattle, attendees will experience a wide variety of Nintendo game-inspired activities across a large-scale themed area. People of all ages and gaming experience are encouraged to attend, since the experience is designed with both families and fans in mind. Whether you are a lifelong Nintendo enthusiast who knows your Like Likes from your Lakitus, or someone new to the world of Nintendo, everyone is invited to have fun.

During the event, visitors will be able to celebrate the world of Nintendo, taking part in Nintendo Switch gameplay, enjoying live entertainment, cheering on high-energy gaming tournaments and taking unforgettable photos with recognizable characters like Mario and Luigi, among many activities.

Given the same show has been held multiple times in Japan, we shouldn’t necessarily expect any big news to come from the event. From all appearances, this is first and foremost a chance for video games fans to celebrate their love of Nintendo. More details, including the exact date of Nintendo Live 2023 and how to attend, are coming soon.