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What 2 new Switch models mean for Nintendo & Nintendo fans

The release of a Switch Lite and a standard Switch with a better battery life increase focus on handheld play and transforms the identity of the console.

SDCC ’19: Exclusive MARIO KART die-cast goes gold

Will you pull the golden plumber?

Hopes & Praises: Breath of the Wild 2 is a sequel...

For months now, I’ve procrastinated on completing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild... I didn’t want my adventure to wind down. Then E3 happened.

The newest POKÉMON SWORD AND SHIELD trailer reveals a skycraper-sized cake...

Make your Pokémon even bigger and better with Gigantamaxing.

E3 2019: Announcements Roundup from Today’s Nintendo Direct

Nintendo shared new information about games for all their biggest franchises.

Pokémon: Sword and Shield reveals a new generation packed with details!

New mechanics and environments are coming to Pokémon: Sword and Shield.

Nintendo Direct reveals the Galar region’s new Pokémon

The latest Nintendo Direct reveals five of the Galar region's new Pokemon along with a first look at the POKEMON SWORD and SHIELD legendaries.

Dark Horse Announces SPLATOON 2 Art Book

Go behind the scenes in this new art book.

REVIEW: Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch (Uh-Oh, I’m Addicted)

Stardew Valley is always something I just heard about. Something the adorable Commander Holly (Holly Conrad) played, a bright colorful 8-bit game that takes...

Live-Action SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Is… Furry?

No one asked for this.

The Nominees For 2018’s THE GAME AWARDS Topped By Outlaws and...

On Thursday December 6, video games honor their own at the industry's biggest awards show, THE GAME AWARDS. Leading the pack with 8 nominations each,...