It’s time to get back to what’s best in life: COMICS. The fall publishing season has been announced (and Spring ’16 is coming soon) so here’s some previews of what’s coming starting with Koyama Press . Next month will see the publication of Michael DeForge’s acclaimed series Lose with issues #7, now for the first time in full color. This issue continues  DeForge’s exploration of a world where fantasies can be hauntingly painful and bizarre. This issue contains three stories, the first another look at bodily function in the Deforge manner, the third the story of a boy/bird hybrid. The middle story is the longest, “Movie Star,” in which a woman and her father have an awkward relationship made even more awkward when she discovers someone who looks just liked him starred in a bunch of b movies. It’s told in a new visual style for DeForge, tiny characters and lettering in a spare limited color palette reinforcing the distant human emotions in the story.

Lose #7 goes on sale next month. It’s $10 for 52 pages.



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