§ Here’s a sad story making the rounds: a young lad of nine named Grayson went to school wearing his beloved My Little Pony backpack, and got bullied and the school said it was his fault. The school principal told Grayson’s mom he had to leave his backpack at home. The mom had a rather interesting response: “[It’s] flawed logic; it doesn’t make any sense,. Saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape.” Tolerance goes every which way, people.


§ The Gerald Peters Gallery in NYC is having a Pat Oliphaunt art show starting this Thursday More art by Oliphaunt, best known as an editorial cartoonist, in the link.

§ Maylasian cartoonist Zunar is in trouble again, this time for a cartoon about Flight 370.

§ Speaking of Malaysia, when the government isn’t bungling investigations, it’s banning Ultraman comics that use the word “Allah.” Part of the reason for the ban is that they couldn’t find the publisher. Yes, another foiled investigation. SO MANY JOKES.

A visit by The Malay Mail Online to Jalan Brunei Utara in the Pudu area shown as the site of Resign Publication’s office failed to locate the lot 78 listed as its address.

A 67-year-old retiree who only wanted to be identified as Mr Wong told The Malay Mail Online yesterday that he has never seen a No. 78 shoplot.

“This is the end of the row, No. 56,” said the Pudu resident of over 40 years as he sat in the corner coffeeshop bearing the same unit number at the edge of Jalan Brunei Utara.

My theory is that the missing building was turned into an airstrip.

§ This commentator does not like Deathlok’s costume in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. saying it resembled “a plastic laser tag vest.” Lets face it, when you’re cold, you’re cold.

§ Today’s “area man” profile is retailer Dennis Barger.

§ Rutgers is holding a small comic-con in Camden, NJ. I know they had Chris Ware there a while ago. This will include “creators and artists; panel discussions; vendors, including comics and memorabilia sellers; live music, and family-friendly activities, including arts, crafts and other children’s activities.” It takes place on the Rutegrs-Camden campus, and hopefully you won’t need to drive through much of Camden, because it looks like this:


§ They have comics in Bulgaria! And now Bulgarian comics are getting a museum:

For the 30 years since then he had found a copy of the first Bulgarian comic book – “Children’s Newspaper” from 1925 and the first color comic books from the “golden age of the Bulgarian comics” – the 1930s and early 1940s.

I did not know Bulgarian comics had a Golden Age and now I do!

§ My Comics Shop DocumantARy [sic] is a film about the comics shop Alternate Realities Comics in Scarsdale NY. The entire film will be available May 1 at the Flat Squirrel Productions website or you can just watch the trailer above.

§ Would you like to read a short, fictional story about young Alan Moore by Darren Shan? Just click the link and it can all happen.

§ I greatly enjoyed this detailed account of the days when Wendy Pini cosplayed at Red Sonja. This is a factoid that comes up now and then, and I know I’ve written about it before but it’s just one of those things that never ceases to be incredible.

§ Andrew Wheeler devised The Harvey/Renee Index of Superhero Diversity to see how many superteams reflect the actual diversity of America where only 1 in 3 people is a straight white non-Hispanic cisgender male. It turns out a lot of superteams are actually quite diverse! I’ll leave you to guess the team that has the MOST straight white non-Hispanic cisgender males.


  1. But succinctly identified the horrors of driving through neighborhoods full of poor people, so, it’s a wash I guess.

  2. Shouldn’t have to drive through much of Camden to get to the Rutgers-Camden con. The Rutgers-Camden campus is close by the Ben Franklin bridge, so you only have to drive through a couple of blocks off the highway.

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