Game of Thrones Season Four had its premiere at Lincoln Center last night and they built a big old dragon for the occasion, as seen on Instagram.

The new season debuts on April 6th, and doubtless we will have daily countdown clocks blazing across Tumblr. If you, like The Beat, have waited until the last minute to cram on remembering what happened last season, here’s a short new trailer that was just released:

And for post grads, here are two longer catch up pieces. From what we know, in the new season, the cast reacts to the horrific events of the Red Wedding, Joffrey gets married again, Cersei and Jamie are reunited, Tyrion has to deal with humiliation, Daenerys frolics with her dragons and Jon Snow learns a thing or two. Oh and because so many characters got killed off last year, there are NEW characters to kill off or disfigure! Woot, can’t wait.



  1. For all of you Unsullied (non-book readers) get ready for some thrills, chills and kills!
    Can’t wait. This book series is the fantasy series I’ve been waiting for since I was 17 and the tv show is a hoot!! Except no Strong Belwas.

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