Filmmaker Anthony Desiato became so fascinated by the social scene at the local comic shop that he decided to make a documentary about it. “My Comic Shop DocumentARy” (SIC) explores Alternate Realities Comics in Scarsdale, NY and its owner, Steve Oto.

In 1992, one man embarked upon a journey from lawyer to comic book retailer. It has been a journey filled with accomplishment and disappointment, friendship and heartbreak…and a dream that would become a nightmare. “My Comic Shop DocumentARy” is an independent, feature-length film shining a light on the colorful community that calls one New York comic shop home.

It’s Desiato’s first full length film — you can view the trailer above. The whole thing screens this Wednesday, May 18 at 6:00 p.m. at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC (32 Second Ave. at 2nd St.). Admission is $6. 2011-5-17 2:45:58.png


  1. i’m a bit biased about this flick, ’cause i’m in parts of it, but it is a well put together documentary regardless of the subject matter. while it is about the folks that work and frequent the comic shop, it also spends some time on what we collect and there are some hard core collectors in that department. if you too, are a collector, you’ll probably get a kick out of that aspect of the film.

  2. I used to work for the competition in New York, The Dragon’s Den.
    Alternate Realities was always a cool store that we would sometimes visit on the sly.

    Not that they were better, but we were fanboys, and comic store is always a cool place, especially when you didn’t have to work there that day. Much luck and looking forward to the film.

    And the Hulk would totally kick Superman’s ass in a fight.
    Let the fighting begin….