With comics sales stalling out after a sustained period of growth, many comics publishers are looking to get out while the getting is good. it’s no secret that many companies have been in it to be acquired by a larger media company, and today’s revelation of the shocking DC-buys-Dynamite rumour, has sent many more of them tumbling into my inbox. Here’s an exclusive look at who’s in talks where.


Source: Two Headed Nerd podcast where one of the hosts said, I’m going to break something here on the show. A rumor I heard while I was in LA, with a person who will remain unnamed who works for Dynamite Comics. This person told me “DC actively trying to buy Dynamite Comics”, and news like this, I didn’t think anything of it when I heard this rumor. I was like ehhh, that sounds kind of fishy. And then this [DC and Dynamite teaming up on a BatmanShadow crossover] pops up this week, and I did go hmmm. So just throwing it out there.” He can’t say if it was a staff member or a freelancer.

Analysis: Dynamite’s books skew heavily to the older male demographic that DC targets so adding The Green Hornet to the Greens Arrow and Lantern line-up would unite verdure for all times. However, most of Dynamite’s comics are licensed pulp properties, which DC had a go at a few years ago and ditched due to the costs. Maybe DC is buying Dynamite for it’s coloring department?



RUMOUR: Dark Horse buying Oni

Source: Bedroom blogger who was trying out Tumblr.

Analysis: Dark Horse has been ramping up its creator owned line, and by buying Oni would consolidate Portland’s two biggest publishers and add some attractive office space to Dark Horse’s already formidable building. A lot of money should be saved on letterhead and Keurig cups. In addition, Joe Nozemack and James Lucas Jones could spend more time with their families.


RUMOUR: Dynamite buying Dark Horse

SOURCE: Something somebody said in the bar that time

ANALYSIS: Dark Horse previously owned the Gold Key licenses that Dynamite is now publishing. By purchasing Dark Horse, Dynamite would have access to the spellbinding JIm Shooter era on these characters as well as DH’s backlist library of reprints of Ripley’s Believe it or Not comics by Esteban Maroto. Plus, Dynamite owner Nick Barrucci is a big fan of Spyboy.



RUMOUR: Dark Horse Buys Dynamite

SOURCE: I overheard it on Tinder

ANALYSIS: Dark Horse previously owned the Gold Key licenses that Dynamite is now publishing. By purchasing Dynamite, Dynamite would get back these coveted comics, as well as Dynamite’s backlist library of reprints of Project Superpowers. Plus, Dark Horse owner Mike Richardson is a big Vampirella fan.



RUMOUR: Amazon buys Thrillbent

SOURCE: Piece of paper found blowing along side of the road

ANALYSIS: Amazon has been slowly ramping up its comics offerings, including a bunch of in house comics which have yet to get much traction, or even appear. Mark Waid’s Thrillbent portal already has a bunch of recognizable characters and has perfected its mode of digital storytelling. This puts Amazon ahead of the game with proven tech and content. Plus, Jeff Bezos always wanted to meet Mark Waid.



RUMOUR: Marvel buys The Outhouse

SOURCE: The other day Jude Terror said to me, “I marvel at how many good comics there are,” clearly code for being acquired.

ANALYSIS: While Marvel has largely given up tweaking DC execs on a daily basis, this is a way to expand their comics coverage, promote their digital initiatives, and compete with The Onion for eyeballs. Plus, Joe Quesada has always been a fan of Elf with a Gun. Finally Marvel would like to acquire The Outhouse’s coloring department.



RUMOUR: Platinum buys Comixology

SOURCE: Mumblings overheard outside Scott Rosenberg’s house

ANALYSIS: Platinum Entertainment has been looking to get back into the game and owning something that does things would be a great way to start that.



RUMOUR: Robert Kirkman acquires MGM

SOURCE: Thought it would be funny to write it here

ANALYSIS: Kirkman has so much money his accountant told him to make an investment, and buying a movie studio would be a lot of fun! Plus he will make good use of its coloring department.



  1. Rumour: I would like to acquire The Beat.

    Source: I just made it up a second ago.

    Analysis: I have no money. Furthermore, The Beat isn’t for sale. Also, since The Beat is a blog, there isn’t really anything to buy anyway.

    Is it true? Hell yes! Gimmee dat Beat right now!

  2. It’s interesting to note that Dynamite is based on the east coast. With DC moving out west next year, wouldn’t purchasing Dynamite allow some editorial staff to remain near home/family and still stay with the company?

  3. I’d think that if DC wanted to retain staff on the East Coast, they would simply retain staff on the East Coast.

  4. Is it wrong of me to want DC to buy Dynamite just to see what Chris Roberson and Mark Waid say?

    I was also thinking that Alan Moore could complain that this was DC stalking him again, to get their hands on the one Dracula short story he wrote for a Vampirella special years ago. Then I realized that one of Moore’s daughter has actually written a lot of comics for Dynamite…

  5. RUMOUR: Secret Identity Buys Latest Garfield Comic
    SOURCE: Overheard/seen at a comics shop
    ANALYSIS: After (or during) a really crappy day, Garfield can make any day better
    IS IT TRUE: Heck Yeah!

  6. Honest, think for a minute. Why would DC buy Dynamite? If DC wanted a lot of License books, all they have to do is look at their own library. That rumor made me laugh. It just made no sense.

  7. @Jimmy Palmiotti

    I know, right? It’s just so staggeringly stupid! Next thing you know DC will do so many stupid things someone will make a farcical web page asking has DC done something stupid today?

  8. No, but swiss comics publisher Paquet has actually bought french publisher Emmanuel Proust. It’s already something, right?

  9. I have from a very reliable source that Cartoon Books is buying Zenescope and Broadsword comics with an eye towards adding all the characters to the Bone universe.

    The information is right here in this thread in this post–how can it not be true?

  10. so now The Beat is picking up crap stories from Bleeding Cool and then ENHANCING them as click bait.

    you should be so proud of yourself, Beat!!

  11. “Honest, think for a minute. Why would DC buy Dynamite?”

    Obviously not for the licenses themselves, but perhaps for an editorial/publishing team that has proven their ability to produce licensed books of decent quality and sales?


  12. Since Dynamite is doing such a bang up job (pardon the pun) with The Shadow and Doc Savage properties with Chris Roberson at the helm why wouldn’t DC be jealous?

    DC’s versions, or rather their recent versions of those characters just plain sucked.



  13. Re: DC/Dynamite rumor. The source referred to a “Batman/Shadow crossover.” He/she meant “Batman ’66/Green Hornet,” right?

  14. Only a matter of time before the Warner/Disney merger and all this will be irrelevant. At that point Image & Dark Horse will combine to prevent a hostile takeover by Archie.

  15. Whoa! Looks like usaftr464 is riled. Either he’s pissed at Heidi and Rich Johnston or his check from Newsarama cleared.

  16. “Obviously not for the licenses themselves, but perhaps for an editorial/publishing team that has proven their ability to produce licensed books of decent quality and sales?”

    If that’s what DC is really after, they’d probably try to hire the people rather than buy the company. Even if they are trying to get the *entire* personnel team, there’s no guarantee that buying Dynamite would result in the all of the desired personnel deciding to stay and work under the new arrangement with DC.

  17. Considering DC’s track record with licensed properties over the years, Dynamite might want to stay as far away from this as possible. And considering said track record, why in the world would DC want to purchase a company whose output consists almost exclusively of licensed properties?

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