Official Pumpkin Night announcement banner from Manga Planet

Digital manga platform Manga Planet recently announced the upcoming release of fan-favorite slasher horror manga series Pumpkin Night, written by Masaya Hokazono and illustrated by Seima Taniguchi. This dark story of a mysterious knife-wielding and pumpkin-wearing serial killer that stalks its victims quickly gained massive fan attention in Japan, racking up over 125 million views on LINE, where it was originally published.

The Japanese cover for Vol. 1 release of Pumpkin Night
The Japanese cover for Vol. 1 release.

The synopsis is as follows:

High school girl Asumi is more intrigued than terrified by the mysterious “Pumpkin Night” account that follows her social media profile. Asami follows back in curiosity, only to immediately regret it when Pumpkin Night comes to get her… Who is the face behind Pumpkin Night, and what led them to embark on this bloody rampage of revenge?

Manga Planet also announced that the first chapter of Pumpkin Night will be available for free, while succeeding chapters and volumes will be available via the Manga Planet Pass, Manga Planet’s new subscription plan. The exact release date for the service will be announced in the near future.

Excited for the release of a brand new slasher horror? This one has gotten a lot of attention on social media since it’s Japanese release, so I’m sure its bound to be a wild series to experience.

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