§ Nice art: Richard Sala has started a new webcomic called The Bloody Cardinal and like all his wrk it’s stylish, arch and unsettling.


§ “Like millions of Americans, I grew up with ‘Peanuts.’ But I never outgrew it.”

Well put, President Obama, who wrote the intro to the latest (and final) Peanuts reprint volume. Gary Groth describes his victory lap to George Gustines and a few sales tidbits are revealed:

But “The Complete Peanuts” found an audience. Fantagraphics has produced two volumes a year, each selling around 15,000 to 20,000 copies, Mr. Groth said, followed by another 20,000 for a boxed set every holiday season combining the year’s releases.


§ With a new jumping on issue of The Wicked and The Divine comic up, Kieron Gillen reminds you that you should preorder the issue if at all possible. It is a shame that one of the most loved, most successful recent comics is still in an industry where preordering ensures survival but it ain’t perfect yet.

§ Canadian magazine Macleans claims that Jeff Lemire is the next big thing in comics — seriously he’s been big since Essex County but here’s new evidence:

Lemire’s graphic novel Essex County was named by CBC as one of the decade’s five essential works of Canadian fiction. It was followed by a run of acclaimed comics including Sweet Tooth, The Underwater Welder and the sci-fi romp Descender. At the same time, fanboys celebrate Lemire’s superhero stories in Justice League, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, X-Men, the upcoming Moon Knight and Wolverine’s new solo title, Old Man Logan. Such diverse output places Lemire atop a new breed of crossover comic book star. He’s praised for his original, affecting graphic novels. And he’s a commercial smash thanks to his superhero scripts that others illustrate. He reigns as the four-colour Stephen King, half pulp hero and half critic’s darling


§ There was a Big Apple Con in NYC this weekend and here’s a report.

§ The Central PA Con was also held and Anakin dressed as Doctor Who:

Nathan LeFevre and his son, Anakin, found just that at the Central PA Comic Con on Sunday. “We just moved here from Alaska,” LeFevre said. “I like the atmosphere of being around a bunch of like-minded people.” Anakin, the 5-year-old from Lancaster named after the Star Wars character, fit right in. He was dressed up as the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith’s character from the British television show “Doctor Who.” People stopped to take photos with Anakin in his bowtie and suspenders.

Peek geek.