I believe this is the #1 feel good story of 2016 thus far.

Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman have been pals for a while. They’re often spotted plotting together at cons. They’ve even collaborated on a few comics, including Infinite for Image a few years ago.

But this defines a new level of palship.: showing up on your bud’s doorstep with a lifesize Deadpool statue. Kirkman’s a busy guy with all his TV shows and comics, but he still has time to do a friend a solid. It’s nice.

There is seriously nothing about this story that isn’t adorable. Especially the child rolling in the bubble wrap.


And the feeling of knowing that as you nap a life-sized Wade Wilson is watching your every move.

And what did Rob tell Robert after receiving this gift? Might have been something like this.

Or this.

Or maybe even this.


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