Cara Nicole, aka AZ Powergirl, has announced that she will be running for Arizona House of Representatives in district 26.

Have no idea where that is?

Neither does she.

“It’s kind of in the Mesa, Tempe area with some of the out-lying places,” Nicole said in her official campaign Facebook video. “I’m actually running green party, so all the other stuff doesn’t matter. I don’t know about the lying, cheating, stealing, and finagling. I’m one of you. I’m a normal person that just wants an opportunity to make your voice heard.”

Nicole has built her whole identity around a DC comics fictional character, Power Girl. She has traveled the world touring comic book and pop culture conventions selling her prints and comic books. She might be the first potential AZ House Representative with implied nudes littered all over the internet. Unlike Donald Trump, she can show us how big her hands are compared to the rest of her body.

She’s asking the kinds of questions that one wouldn’t expect from a green party or any candidate, really:

The voters in Phoenix tend to vote more conservative and backwards, so I’m actually excited to see if this campaign grabs the attention of the local media that’s starving for a story like this. I’m sure her fans will go out of their way to vote for her despite having zero political experience. You know, the kind of guys that buy cosplay prints to hang on their bedrooms in the mom’s basement. “Alright Arizona peeps, let’s put PG in da house,” William Zavala shared on Facebook.

Click here to find out more about her campaign and if you’re in her district.


  1. Article: “The voters in Phoenix tend to vote more conservative and backwards,..” What is it about Arizona voters that you would call backwards exactly? I’m sure we would all love to be enlightened.

  2. Henry, feel free to contact me and Cara with any questions you have in regards to policy. We have been involved in politics for three years and have independently and with human rights organizations helped Family Law reform in Arizona and promote equal parenting rights and discourage false allegations in the court which cost many men and women their children. We spend countless hours each year at the state capitol and with lobbysts, administrators, senators and representatives to help children have meaningful and frequent contact with their families. I’d dare you to find someone who cares more about the pressing issues than Cara. Thanks for sharing your opinion and letting us know what to expect. I hope you have a fantastic day.

  3. This seems to be an oddly snarky article, but strangely without much real substance to it… You know, people have a private life, and opinions on lipgloss etc. That doesn’t say much about what she wants to do as a Green Party member.

    As Alfred T implies, she’s open to speak about policies, but you feel more inclined to wag a finger because -gasp!- she’s not got a problem with appearing semi-nude. Read her short article on that.

    – Backwards? Specify, please.
    – Would it have hurt to have a cosplay photo?

    This is a pretty tone-deaf article, unworthy of the Beat; would sooner expect it at BleedingCool.

  4. “The voters in Phoenix tend to vote more conservative and backwards,”

    That’s…not entirely accurate.

    Phoenix’s last two mayors have been Democrats, and both its House members are Democrats too. Its city council is nonpartisan.

    Tempe is left-of-center too; it’s a college town.

    Mesa is more conservative than Phoenix or Tempe, and that’s probably relevant given the location of the district she’s running in. But don’t mistake a conservative state for a conservative capital city. I mean, you wouldn’t say Austin tends to vote “conservative and backwards,” would you?

    @Cole: “Conservative isn’t backwards, you just have zero understanding of economics.”

    It’s not my fault; I went to Arizona public schools.

  5. What an absolute pile of garbage. Way to keep journalism classy instead of being just a one-sided attack, bruh.

  6. This is a crap article. You’re simultaneously calling Republicans ‘backwards’ while ridiculing a woman who poses semi-nude. Make up your mind.

    Further – a piece about how her politics is influenced by her cosplay (and vice versa) would have been interesting and worthy of the Beat. Instead you publish this Tmz-level drek.

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