Higher, further, faster! Over the weekend, Blackbird artist Jen Bartel teased an exciting new collaboration with a super famous shoe manufacturer featuring none other than Captain Marvel. No, not VANS or Converse, though the former did release Carol Danvers-themed Sk8-His last year. Bartel revealed through a series of tweets that she designed a series of Captain Marvel shoes for ADIDAS and Foot Locker. Apparently, the big reveal will happen on Friday — the same day Captain Marvel hits theaters.

On Friday, March 2, Bartel tweeted “Coming soon” and attached an image marrying four logos: ADIDAS, Bartel, Captain Marvel and Foot Locker. She followed up with photos of one of her dogs, Frejya, showing off an ADIDAS box.


Finally, she posted an animated Carol Danvers GIF dancing in front of a galaxy-themed version of the logo image. “Mark your calendars,” she wrote, along with a date: Mar. 8.


At this time, we don’t have further information about what to expect from this collaboration. As of Monday, neither ADIDAS nor Foot Locker has posted teasers of their own. However, based on Bartel’s previous comics, illustration and apparel work, we’re sure we can count on bright colors and slick designs.

This also isn’t the first time Bartel has produced Captain Marvel content. In 2018, she did a variant cover for The Life of Captain Marvel #4 that showed Carol flying above a lake.


Stay tuned for more information and mark your calendars for Mar. 8, per instructions from Bartel. You also might want to make some room in your closet. Just in case.


  1. Man, she is being pushed and pushed so much… But she’s still a fascist to me. If they had done all this before she turned bad guy I would have enjoyed it, but now…

  2. Yes and no. I wouldn’t if I saw something I liked, but I haven’t seen anything and I can’t afford anything anyway right now. The difference being that marvel gave him an evil clone exit storyline. A terrible one, but they did it. Carol had no such storyline. Before cw1 she was so desperate to be an A-list heroine she hired a publicist, after cw1 she had her own SHIELD strike force and was made head of the Avengers. She didn’t get that by beating up super villains, she did it by beating up superheroes. During cw2 she was throwing people into prison who hadn’t done anything. If you call all that heroic than ok, but I don’t.

    And really, shoes? At this point she’s not even a character anymore, she’s a marketing strategy.

  3. The art looks good, but I stand by my original post. To be clear though, I’m not singling out Carol. When I look at the marvel line there are characters that I don’t think are heroic anymore. Marvel for a long time has adopted disposable ethics for it’s characters and also a lack of consequences. Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Peter Parker, Prof X…. The man who created Clor, the man who with the Illuminati murdered heroes and blew up a world full of innocent people, a man who made a deal with satan and a man who enslaved a sentient being to use as his danger room. Carol is like them; someone who did lousy things and was not only forgiven but rewarded for it.

    Think about what your doing when you wear someone elses logo on your clothing. You’re shouting to the world that you are with that person or at least supporting them. In this case you are supporting someone who’s climbed to the top of the heap in the marvel universe through fascism and treachery. I’m sorry but I can’t agree with that. I know that marvel has chosen her as the standard bearer for their heroine line and pre-cw I would have supported that as well. But not afterwards. Not after she was willing to beat up a woman in front of her daughter, or use Captain America’s corpse as bait in a trap to put Jessica Drew among others in the negative zone prison for life. Jessica being the one who saved her life when Carol was nearly murdered by Rogue. Marvel has given her a new name, new costume and basically a new everything, but scratch the surface and I’m sure you’ll find a character who probably turn Karm over to SHIELD for experimentation if it matched her own agenda.

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