You can’t say Marvel doesn’t get behind Captain Marvel.  As the latest relaunch hits retail, Marvel has released a video with series writer Margaret Stohl discussing the premise of the new series.

Official PR follows:

Carol Danvers has been involved in some of the biggest adventures in the Marvel Universe…but in her new series, she’s going back to the basics with Margaret Stohl, Carlos Pacheco, and Marguerite Sauvage at the helm.

Marvel is proud to present this behind-the-scenes look at THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1, featuring Stohl and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski!

“This is a story about Carol Danvers. We’re taking Carol back to basics,” said Cebulski. “We hear that a lot, but this is something where we’re going to dance between the raindrops and find the secrets of Carol’s origins that are based in the roots of her family.”

“It’s really a family story and it’s as much about the human instead of her as her Kree powers,” added Stohl.


  1. They are really trying to humanize her before the movie comes out. Trouble is the comic is 3.99 and I still remember her from cw1 and cw2. I just won’t support a comic with a fascist as the lead, heroine of the moment or not.

  2. Hey Mark, you should try reading Secret Empire as an antidote for CW2. Danvers comes off pretty good and rehabilitated from how she was written in CW2; just one of the good things about SE, in my opinion.

  3. Captain Marvel is broken. She is not an A list hero at this point. I feel the same way about CM as I do about the Inhumans. Stop the hard sell and the cramming….

  4. Again I run into the cost problem, give it another 6 months and SE might be in the dollar bin and I’ll read it then. But also I run into the idea of rehabilitation being so easy. Carol hunted down, beat and then threw into jail for an indefinite period people who were guilty of nothing. She gets rehabilitated because Captain America turns out to be a bigger villain? How does that work exactly? Sure she defended the Earth, it’s her home she’d hardly let it be conquered or destroyed. But what about the people she threw into jail? How much damage was done to their lives and how did they deal with it? Carol doesn’t know or care, or if she does I’ve seen no evidence of it. Carol didn’t work her way onto the A-list be defeating a long list of villains, she got there by being a fascist and defeating a short list of heroes. She’s got a core of fans and I can respect that, but I can’t see her as much else than a fascist with a good marketing strategy.

  5. Sounds right Mark. I just feel similarly about Civil Wars both 1 & 2 in the way you expressed, and boy I felt refreshed by Secret Empire! I guess I meant rehabilitated more for me in a personal sense to me, rather than in continuity rehabilitation. Tony and others also feature heavily and I get the same sense of rehabbing them from Bendis’ and Millar’s respective works, just due to good character work/writing. I guess if a particular creator can show me something good with a character, my opinion can turn on a dime. I won’t turn away from good stuff because of continuity (always check out the good stuff).

    I commiserate with cost. Mainly that’s why I buy in tpbs. My local library is pretty good and I read its copy of SE, so I knew I really liked it and then bought my own.

  6. Cost is really the large part of the equation when you’re broke. I’m still not sure how SE redeemed her though. As noted they just brought in a bigger villain and what did she do? She didn’t defeat Cap. Wind back the clock to just before cw1 and Carol was so desperate for attention as a heroine she hired a publicist. After cw1 she was made head of the Avengers and had her own SHIELD strike force. After cw2 she’s even hirer on the tier and in both cases I can’t think of one villain she defeated. Even during SE what did she really do that turned things around for you? As far as I could tell based on how she was written before if Cap had offered her a spot on his HYDRA team Carol would have accepted.

    Marvel can push her as much as they want and I can see her having fans, but in the end she’s still a character who helped the X-men break into the Pentagon to destroy government records but later on (once she no longer had a secret identity) helped the government hunt down heroes and throw them not only into jail into a jail in the negative zone. Marvel feels such fascism and hypocrisy makes a heroine, I don’t.

  7. Mark: ALL superheroes are fascists to some extent. That’s what “Watchmen” was all about.

    The beloved Batman is most definitely a fascist. The Punisher? Total fascist. He should have a swastika on his chest instead of a skull.

    All superheroes take the law into their own hands and use violence to achieve their goals. They routinely break into buildings (including govt. buildings) and take what they want. If you’re going to read about superheroes, you have to accept these things going in. If you can’t accept them, it’s time to find another form of entertainment.

  8. There is a difference. In the case of say Spider-Man guilt drives him to (or drove him, not sure after OMD/BND) to fight crime, a sense of responsibility that he learned when he miss-used his powers. He swings back and forth and stops crime, something anyone on a neighborhood watch could do. The Fantastic Four rarely sought out crime to stop, but they stopped it if there were there and it was going down. The Punisher is a killer, appointing himself not only judge but jury and executioner as well. This is a man who has no faith in anything but a bullet to solve societies problems. I don’t consider him heroic. Batman (comics, not the movies) doesn’t kill and will go around the law. A fascists uses powers to force others to either stay silent or support his/her position. The only thing a person needs to be guilty of in the case of a fascist is having a believe contrary to what the fascist has decided is the right belief. In the case of cw1 Tony and Carol (along with others) decided that a law enforcing behavior on one specific part of the population was the right way to go and anyone who disagreed got hunted down, beaten and thrown into jail or just killed outright. Any method used was ok, (did Carol ever call Tony out on Clor?) the punishment was barbaric ( life time imprisonment in the negative zone) and Carol was ok with all of that. Even after cw she went along with Tony, to the point of being his puppet leader of the Avengers. She never spoke up in defense of Jen when Tony depowered She-Hulk and dropped her into New Jersey. She tried to trick Jessica (who was later revealed to be a skrull but that’s another disaster in writing) so that she could capture the woman who saved her life and throw her into the negative zone for life. In cw2 she was hunting down people who’s only crime was the suspicion that they would do something. If you were someone who was hunted, beaten and thrown into prison for an indefinite time period for something you might or might not do, how would you feel? Would your boss give you the time off? Would you’re landlord mind that you wouldn’t pay rent for a while? Carol didn’t know, Carol didn’t care. She had a suspicion and no matter who got hurt she was going to go by her own rules.
    I don’t agree that all superheroes are fascists, but I will agree that many of them have fascists traits. Carol’s however are added in with hypocrisy and a willingness to treat innocent people the same way she treats guilty people: with her fists. That -and the reason that marvel won’t touch any of these subjects in any sort of serious way- is the reason I consider her a hypocritical fascists and won’t support a book with her in it. I haven’t given up on comics, but except for the dollar bin I can’t afford them.

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