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13 CAPTAIN MARVEL Products We Would Actually Wear

Captain Marvel fashion is all the rage.

Jen Bartel Reveals CAPTAIN MARVEL ADIDAS & We Need A Pair...

Available at Foot Locker on 3/8/19.

Carol’s Cat and More Revealed in Funko’s Captain Marvel Toys

Go Higher, Faster, Further with Funko's Captain Marvel merch!

Brie Larson “Learning How to Fly” in New Photo

With the long awaited Captain Marvel film from Marvel Studios hitting screen spring of next year, it seems only logical that production already begin....

The importance of the Captain Marvel movie to one fan

Where to even start? By Chandler Banks-- Kelly Sue DeConnick is a long time hero of mine. I met her at NYCC this year, and my heart melted when she looked me in the eyes and talked to me about the importance of non-compliance (that's a big thing in her upcoming series, Bitch Planet). She's important to me, and her characters are so dear to my heart I wear a Captain Marvel necklace every day.