Raise your hand if you’re seeing Captain Marvel in theaters. Now, raise your hand if you want to see the movie in style. Every superhero movie inspires droves of official and unofficial merchandise, but not all of it is worth shelling out the extra cash. Luckily, several companies have created Captain Marvel products that are not only high quality, but aesthetically pleasing. We’re admittedly very excited about some of the Carol-inspired fashion making its way into stores.

While we can’t all have Jamie McKelvie’s cufflinks, we can still rock our love for Carol Danvers with what we wear. From casual outings to beach days to fancy cocktail parties, we’ve got 13 Captain Marvel fashion picks that we would actually wear. If you click through the shop links, you may even find more products to fill your cart.

Higher, further, faster! Let’s get started.

1. Jen Bartel x ADIDAS Captain Marvel AM4s, $150, Foot Locker

Jen Bartel x ADIDAS Captain Marvel AM4s
Jen Bartel x ADIDAS Captain Marvel AM4s, $150, Foot Locker.

If you want to grab a pair of Jen Bartel’s Captain Marvel ADIDAS AM4s, we suggest having the Foot Locker website loaded for 10 a.m. when they go on sale. These sneakers will be sold at three Foot Locker flagship stores — NYC Times Square (41st and Broadway), NYC Midtown (34th st and 6th ave), and LA (Hollywood and Highland) — as well as online. Quantities and sizing are limited, so act fast! Shop here.

2. Captain Marvel Flight Jacket, $139, Hero Within

Hero Within Captain Marvel Flight Jacket
Captain Marvel Flight Jacket, $139, Hero Within.

For a semi-casual look that will keep you warm (but not too warm) this spring, this navy flight jacket from Hero Within is the perfect choice. It features a nylon shell, four interior pockets, four exterior pockets, sublimated lining and the Captain Marvel star logo subtlety embroidered across the back. Sizes range from XS to 3XL. Shop here.

3. Captain Marvel Cruz Aviators, Price TBA, DIFF Eyewear

Captain Marvel Cruz Aviators by DIFF Eyewear
Captain Marvel Cruz Aviators, Price TBA, DIFF Eyewear.

Need a new pair of sunglasses? Dig the aviator look? Grab these Captain Marvel Cruz aviators from DIFF Eyewear. These limited edition sunglasses launch today and for every pair purchased, DIFF Eyewear will donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. Shop here.

4. Captain Marvel 9Twenty Adjustable Cap, $24, New Era

Captain Marvel 9Twenty Adjustable Cap by New Era
Captain Marvel 9Twenty Adjustable Cap, $24, New Era.

Between this, the aviators, and the flight jacket, you might just pull off the “undercover” look that every MCU hero has used since the dawn of the franchise. People will know you’re a Carol Danvers fan, but they won’t know your underlying identity… or something. This adjustable cap from New Era features a tiny Captain Marvel star on the front and the movie logo on the right side. Shop here.

5. Captain Marvel Crew Socks, $20, Stance

Captain Marvel crew socks by Stance
Captain Marvel Crew Socks, $20, Stance.

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just hate having sweaty feet, these moisture-wicking crew socks are ideal. Plus, you can rock them under your pants or over them depending on how hardcore you want to be about representing your fandom. The downside: they only come in two sizes, so they may not be right for every pair of feet. Shop here.

6. Captain Marvel x NIN Collab White Tee, $25, Nine Inch Nails

Captain Marvel x NIN white collab tee
Captain Marvel x NIN Collab White Tee, $25, Nine Inch Nails.

This Nine Inch Nails t-shirt featuring the band logo inside the Captain Marvel star is so ’90s it hurts… But it’s also perfect, since we first meet the MCU’s Carol Danvers in that truly wild decade. Dress this t-shirt up or down for an ever-evolving look. Shop here.

7. Captain Marvel Watches, $275-$350, Citizen

Captain Marvel watches by Citizen
Captain Marvel Watches, $275-$350, Citizen.

These are hands down the fanciest Captain Marvel accessories we could find. Each one uses Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, which means they are powered by light — any light — rather than batteries. From left to right, you can grab one of these wristwatches for $275, $350 or $375. Citizen also has a line of other Marvel watches that are equally beautiful. Shop here.

8. Captain Marvel Wireless One-Piece Swimsuit, $99, Torrid

Captain Marvel one-piece swimsuit by Her Universe, available at Torrid
Captain Marvel Wireless One-Piece Swimsuit, $99, Torrid.

It’s still snowing in many parts of the U.S., but it’s always good to plan ahead. This Captain Marvel wireless one-piece swimsuit was designed by Her Universe with plus-size people in mind. It’s available exclusively through Torrid’s website and is, at time of writing, on sale for $74. Shop here.

9. Captain Marvel Women’s Cable Cuff Knit Hat, $24, New Era

Captain Marvel knit hat by New Era
Captain Marvel Women’s Cable Cuff Knit Hat, $24, New Era.

Since it is still snowing in many parts of the U.S., you can also grab this knit hat to keep warm. It features Captain Marvel badge and a hole in the top of the knit for a ponytail or bun, if your hair is long. Shop here.

10. Captain Marvel Earrings Set, $16.90, BoxLunch

Captain Marvel earrings set from BoxLunch
Captain Marvel Earrings Set, $16.90, BoxLunch.

No matter the occasion, nerdy earrings are great conversation starter and a subtle way of representing your fandom. These Captain Marvel earrings from BoxLunch are small, shiny and simple, making them ideal for movie dates, cocktail parties, and more. Shop here.

11. Captain Marvel Pendant Necklace, $18-$20, Etsy

Carol Danvers pendant necklace by NavekaDesigns/Etsy
Captain Marvel Pendant Necklace, $18-$20, Etsy.

Much like earrings, you can wear this pendant necklace basically anywhere, which is probably why it’s an Etsy bestseller. NavekaDesigns offers the piece in three colors: silver ($18), gold or rose gold ($20). The necklace is made of brass with color overlays; the pendant measures at 5cm and the chain measures at 40cm. If you need the piece made to size, message NavekaDesigns to inquire. Shop here.

12. Captain Marvel Lapel Pin Set, $14.99, Superhero Stuff

Captain Marvel lapel pins from Superhero Stuff
Captain Marvel Lapel Pin Set, $14.99, Superhero Stuff.

A quick search online will turn up all kinds of Captain Marvel lapel pins, but we’re fond of the simplistic design on these. The best part is, these pins can be added to any of the other Captain Marvel products on this list, or you can put them on non-branded clothing to show your love for Carol. Shop here.

13. Captain Marvel Faux Leather Mini Backpacks, $70, Loungefly

Captain Marvel faux leather mini backpacks by Loungefly
Captain Marvel Faux Leather Mini Backpacks, $70, Loungefly.

Whether you prefer Carol’s green movie suit or her classic red, blue and gold one, Loungefly offers mini backpacks and wallets to suit your preferences. These faux leather backpacks measure at 9″ wide, 10.5″ high and 4.5″ deep, making them ideal for short day trips — like comic conventions. Shop here for green and shop here for red.

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