The wait is over! Jen Bartel teased fans all weekend about her Captain Marvel collaboration with ADIDAS. On Tuesday, she revealed the sneakers in a Twitter video and we have to say: we’d buy these. Since they launch on Friday, the same day that Captain Marvel hits theaters, we expect at least some fans will stop by their local Foot Locker before they see the movie. After all, why not deck yourself out in Carol Corps fashion before you see her on the silver screen?

In addition to the sneaker reveal, Bartel also shared the official promotional image from Foot Locker. As we predicted, these Captain Marvel ADIDAS have bold colors and a slick design. Gold stripes line the sides, with Carol’s star taking the spotlight. The bottom part of the shoe is galaxy-colored and the tongue and upper part are red. These sneakers really are reminiscent of Carol’s iconic costume.

If you want a pair, you might want to get to Foot Locker early on Friday. These are sure to sell out fast.


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