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The MCU Should Let Carol Danvers Be Gay

Seriously, just let her be a lesbian.

Interview: Netmarble’s Min-Kyun Kim on why Captain Marvel is better, faster,...

Make sure your phone and portable chargers are juiced up, because Captain Marvel will take every last bit of your battery life as she...

13 CAPTAIN MARVEL Products We Would Actually Wear

Captain Marvel fashion is all the rage.

Jen Bartel Reveals CAPTAIN MARVEL ADIDAS & We Need A Pair...

Available at Foot Locker on 3/8/19.

CAPTAIN MARVEL Variants Will Also Debut In February

Captain Marvel will feature on 5 variants in February.

Carol’s Cat and More Revealed in Funko’s Captain Marvel Toys

Go Higher, Faster, Further with Funko's Captain Marvel merch!

Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero Bring CAPTAIN MARVEL Back to Earth...

The series is scheduled to launch ahead of Carol's big-screen debut.