Make sure your phone and portable chargers are juiced up, because Captain Marvel will take every last bit of your battery life as she fights wave after wave of Skrulls in the new Marvel Future Fight mission set.
I gotta say, mobile gaming has never been a fixture in my gaming life. It just never won me over. I like to take my time with a game, explore its world, hold a controller in my hands and feel like I am actually stepping into the shoes of whatever new character I’m currently invested in (one of which, as of late, has been Artyom from the excellent Metro Exodus). So, I was more than pleasantly surprised when the recent addition of Captain Marvel to Marvel Future Fight got me so hooked on a mobile game.
I could say that it was the feeling of controlling such an overpowered female superhero that did it for me, or how she so naturally fits into the game’s mechanics and battle systems. I could also say that playing as Captain Marvel made me feel like I was playing as a legendary character, the kind that so many other games keep as unplayable ally or single-ability characters that can cause massive damage for a few seconds at a time after they’ve been charged up.
While all of that definitely made me want to keep coming back to the game, it was the character progression that ultimately had me fighting the good fight as Captain Marvel for days on end. The way she moves on the screen, her poses,  it all feels like they were ripped straight from the comic books and the movie, respectively. Her energy blasts decimate weaker villains and one of her abilities lets her fly across the screen causing high levels of pain. In a way, her animations and her in-game abilities fleshed out the character by making each unlockable skill feel like a focused piece of storytelling. She’s not Iron Man with a different skin. She’s her own character.
The Captain Marvel update brings Carol Danvers into the fray with several unlockable costumes that range from the movie suit to the suit she wore in Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run, in addition to the widely known black suit of her Ms. Marvel days, which she designed with the help of The Wasp in the comics after her Mar-Vell suit was damaged in a fight.
The update also offers young Nick Fury, Korath, and Minn-Erva as playable characters. Captain Marvel has her own Legendary Battle theme stages that expand on the movie’s story and supporting characters.
I got a chance to interview Min-Kyun Kim, Development Director for Netmarble Games, on the thought process behind bringing Captain Marvel’s to the Future Fight universe. You can find it below.

Ricardo Serrano: The minute I started playing with Captain Marvel I felt like she was the character from the Comics. It looks like great care went into getting all the details right. Did you go to the Comics in developing the character for the game or was it largely informed by the movie?
Min-Kuyn Kim: We do get inspirations from both movies and Comics, as we try to satisfy both the fans of Marvel films and the Comics. When we have updates inspired by the movies, we work very closely with Marvel. And of course, we get a lot of inspiration from Marvel, but we do not express everything based on movies. We try to put Marvel Future Fight’s unique style into the game so that we will be able to provide different form of entertainment to players.
Serrano: What’s the process behind making Captain Marvel feel different from other characters of the same class (Universal), such as Thor, Thanos, and Ronan?
Min-Kyun Kim: Captain Marvel differs most from other characters such as Thor, Thanos, and Ronan as she has a new skill called “configuration”. You can also meet Captain Marvel with and without her helmet, just as we see in the movie. To make this possible, we came up with the 5th skill, which is the Radiant Form skill. If you use this skill you can transform with the helmet on. Also, the other four skills and Ultimate Skill become more powerful. We have put a lot of effort into this. We hope you enjoy Captain Marvel’s configuration skill and her unique combat style.
Serrano: Were there any elements from the character you felt were challenging to capture and put in the game?
Min-Kyun Kim: There were a lot of challenges working on the Captain Marvel character. As mentioned earlier, the configuration skill was something new for us. This is a form of skill that we haven’t used before, and we have put a lot of effort into this. At the time of development, I was troubled in the process of transforming the Radiant Form skill. I faced difficulties because it wasn’t clearing transformation and turned off too quickly. However, at the end, we were able to come up with it and we are proud to show it in this update.
Serrano: How did you approach the Skrulls, knowing they have this shape-shifting ability but that they are also quite powerful as well?
Min-Kyun Kim: While the Skrulls are not playable in Marvel Future Fight, players can still experience them through Legendary Battle: Captain Marvel. As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, players can enjoy battles with the Skrulls and Talos, their leader. We also think that the Skrulls are attractive characters, and we hope to make them into playable characters.
Serrano: What type of experience do you think players will get out of Captain Marvel?
Min-Kyun Kim: I hope players will experience the charm of Captain Marvel through Legendary Battle mode. Also, I know many players have been waiting for Nick Fury as a new character. You’ll be able to meet both young Nick Fury like the one in the movie and Nick Fury with the iconic black eye patch from the Comics version as well.
Serrano: What’s coming up next for Future Fight? Will we be seeing more Captain Marvel content?
Min-Kyun Kim: We cannot disclose details regarding future updates, but keep your eyes peeled. We are trying to improve on old content and conveniences for players. We’ll do our best to not leave anything out so that we can show you interesting and complete updates in near future.
Serrano: Thanks!
Min-Kyun Kim: Thank you.


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