Again, Captain Marvel Spoilers Below!!!!!!!!!!!!

It didn’t come as a huge surprise to those already familiar with Captain Marvel comics when it was revealed towards the end of the movie that Goose, the adorable orange tabby that’s become the crux of the movie’s marketing campaign was revealed to be a member of an alien race whose feline appearance belies its more exotic features namely tentacles protruding from its mouth and a pocket dimension in their bodies allowing them to store a host of objects. Probably didn’t help that Goose related merchandise exposing the cat’s alien nature was available in stores before the movie.

Whatever your thoughts on the movie, Goose unleashing its Flerken abilities was most definitely a highlight of the movie. Much like Baby Groot after the first Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s safe to assume to expect for Goose related products to flood the market. Sure enough, Funko has announced new Pop! figures for its Captain Marvel line most notably Flerken Goose. Also apparently, a new version of Ronan the Accuser as he appears in the movie (albeit briefly) will be released. Let’s be honest, within Cosmic MCU Ronan is the equivalent of Turbo Man’s sidekick Booster from the holiday film Jingle All the Way. Nobody really cares about him.
No word on official release date so be on the lookout!

Fly higher, further and faster with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful Super Hero who holds the universe in her hands as a Pop! figure. Wearing her iconic blue, red and gold uniform, Captain Marvel is holding the much-sought-after Tesseract—the containment vessel for the Space Stone. Help Pop! Captain Marvel conceal this precious weapon. If Captain Marvel happens to need backup Pop! Goose is ready to spring into action, in her true Flerken form. A Goose Chase with a 1/6 rarity reveals Goose already half-transitioned into her Flerken form.

Captain Marvel might be packing a formidable set of superpowers but she’s got her work cut out for her against Kree zealot Ronan the Accuser. This Pop! villain is determined to eradicate Xandarian culture, and is willing to ally with anyone—including Thanos—to make it happen. This Funko Specialty Series Limited Edition Exclusive makes a formidable enemy.


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