Female Furies is not simply another Fourth World story. It’s a tale that dares us the empathize with some of the most violent and threatening characters from Apokolips. It shows us not the battle hardened Furies that we know, but a younger version of these warriors and their leader, Granny Goodness, struggling to find their place in a hierarchy dominated by cruel men who unabashedly abuse their power and privilege. And not only does it show us  how victimization in a patriarchal system takes place– it shows us how those collectively crushed under the foot of such a system can simultaneously be divided from one another by it.

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Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Illustrator: Adrianna Melo
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

The Female Furies have a terrible secret that could get them all banished to the deepest pit of Apokolips. They thought they got away with killing Steppenwolf’s nephew, but now that he’s been reported missing, the Protectors are sticking their noses into everyone’s business in hopes of finding their lost comrade. Meanwhile, Aurelie’s tormentor, Protector Wiliks, applies more pressure on her. Does he know more than he lets on? Regardless, it’s affecting Aurelie’s ability to lead the Furies, causing friction between her and Big Barda and forcing Granny Goodness to take drastic action.