Sometimes it feels like every interesting property in the U.S. has already been made into a movie or TV show, but there’s a lot of ripe material from Japan that would translate well into for American audiences. I certainly wouldn’t mind a TV series based on the manga series Monster and Pluto, or a big-budget Sword Art Online movie. J-CREATION has an event on June 14th in Hollywood that can make those kinds of things a reality.


J-CREATION is a year-round effort from Amuse USA to bridge the gap between Japanese media powerhouses and the US entertainment industry, facilitating the adaptation of IP into film, TV, and other business opportunities.

A cornerstone of this project is J-CREATION: A FIRST LOOK SHOWCASE. Each year, a slate of up to 10 titles is presented at an exclusive event. Producers are given the unique opportunity to meet in person with rights holders from top Japanese studios, networks, and publishers to discuss their projects. This year’s J-CREATION will be held on June 14th in Hollywood.

Since its inception in 2016, J-CREATION has become a go-to industry event, spawning several projects. The thriller feature SHATOON, co-written and directed by Adam Macdonald (Pyewacket), is planned for a Winter 2018 production. Sean Puglisi (Broken River) first adapted the Japanese novel about a mother and daughter faced with the real-life phenomenon of a shatoon: a grizzly bear that has missed its hibernation and become especially savage. A drama feature is also currently being packaged by producer Scott Kroopf (Bill & Tedfranchise).

J-CREATION has similarly launched several TV titles, including a comedy with Vertigo Entertainment (The Lego Movie franchise) and a horror show with Intrigue Entertainment (“Playing Dead”), both set up at major studios. Also in development is a drama with Entermedia Content (“The Good Doctor”).

Amuse USA is also responsible for the highly anticipated graphic novel APOCRYPHA: THE LEGEND OF BABYMETAL. Coming in October from Z2 Comics and artist GMB Chomichuck, the graphic novel is an original story based on the band BABYMETAL, which recently concluded a sold-out American tour.

Amuse Group USA, Inc. (est. 2014) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amuse, Inc, a top Japanese management and financing company. With knowledge of both the Japanese and American markets, AmuseUSA’s main objective is to grow internationally appealing content worldwide. Past activities include investments in the TV series “The Pinkertons,” and the Broadway shows “Kinky Boots” and “An American in Paris.”

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