Any new project coming out of Brian K. Vaughan’s pay-what-you-wish digital comic platform Panel Syndicate is worth taking a look at, and Glacier City seems like no exception. The new series created by comics industry mainstay Jay Faerber and artist Michael Montenat looks like a great thriller with a snowy backdrop.

Police Chief Wes Cutter is the only law enforcement in a secluded Alaskan town where everyone has a secret and his closest backup is hours away. There are two kinds of people who live in Alaska. Those born there, and those that are running away from something. And Wes wasn’t born there.

I’ve been a fan of Montenat since a Monkeybrain comic he did with writer Brandon Seifert way back in 2012 named Spirit of the Law. He’s definitely a talent to watch.


  1. I’ve read this, and liked it a lot. I agree about the artist: very impressive. And this pilot issue does a great job setting up the series. I hope enough people buy it, because I want to read more!

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