You’ve already seen Question Hound in meme format all over the internet, used without permission by the GOP, and even as a Funko Pop, but beginning today, Tuesday, May 18th, 2021, you can see him as you never have before thanks to the fact that Funny Online Animals by KC Green is now being syndicated by King Features!

With new strips available on Comics Kingdom on Tuesdays and Thursdays, things have rarely been better for the funny online animals that are the focus of Funny Online Animals. In order to find out everything we could about the exciting development, The Beat caught up with Green over email to ask about proper accreditation, what changes when you get an external editor rather than just the one inside your head, and which Adult Swim show he hopes gets a second season (spoilers: it’s Birdgirl!).

AVERY KAPLAN: What’s it like to be properly credited and compensated for the use of your comics?  

KC GREEN: Feels good, man. But for real, as much as its felt like an uphill struggle to get people to know who I am or which cartoonist did what meme, there’s a part of me that “likes” that aspect of being online. Putting something out and watching it grow can be fascinating. But I put “like” in quotations because it’s just not the same internet it was when I was younger. There’s almost TOO MANY things online. But that old feeling lingers. And time changes, which is good.

Funny Online Animals by KC Green.
Funny Online Animals by KC Green.

KAPLAN: Can you tell us a little bit about making the jump from webcomic to syndication? How has this changed your cartooning experience (if it has)?

GREEN: The jump has just happened and so far it feels about the same! I was pretty self-motivated to make comics and post them online, even if the comic I was making changed after a year or two. The one thing that’s new to deal at least is having an external Editor on your side (rather than the internal editor/critic all cartoonist and artist types can have). It’s still nice to know I can learn a thing or two from them and they help me when I mess up!

KAPLAN: Funny Online Animals features characters originally introduced in your webcomic Gunshow. What made you decide to continue to use these characters?

GREEN: When I was a kid, some of my first cartoon characters were animals. Watched a lot of Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons and it just rubbed off on me after all these years. And I still liked those characters and the drawings of them from those days in Gunshow. Felt like there was more to build and always thought about coming back to them, even right after Gunshow ended. It always felt like the inevitable thing for me, but I wanted to try some new ideas for a bit.

KAPLAN: If not for their internet notoriety, what would these animals be doing?

GREEN: Being eaten, probably! I think I’m at least giving them a slower death.

KAPLAN: Aside from Funny Online Animals, do you have a favorite syndicated comic?

GREEN: Who said mine was my own favorite strip?! I just make it, I don’t have the time to enjoy my work! I think my favorite all time syndicated strip is “the Far Side.” That stuck with me as a kid and reading them now, being able to understand the jokes and all, has deepened my appreciation for them. And King Features has got some old classics on here I like checking out! Thimble Theater, Krazy Kat, and the like. And I used to read the Slylock Fox strip when I was younger, so it’s nice to see it still in the mix! That new Nancy strip is great, also!

Funny Online Animals by KC Green.
Funny Online Animals by KC Green.

KAPLAN: We’ve already gotten a Funko Pop, and now that Funny Online Animals is getting syndicated, could a Garfield-level influx of Question Hound merch be on the way? What tie-in product would you most like to see?

GREEN: I would have to make that my first full-time job and get someone else to draw the strip if that was the case! There’s already too many bootlegs out there of my guy, I’d rather he be left to his own devices! But that’s never the case, is it? I guess a good tie-in product would be a nice big blanket with the dog on there. The kind you can use to put out a fire on someone, if they so happen to find themselves on fire. Or maybe you can put it around someone who’s house just burned down to calm them and think of the brighter side of things!

KAPLAN: Has there been any comics (or movies, shows, or any other kind of stories) that you’ve been especially enjoying lately?

GREEN: I’ve been re-reading the Scott McCloud Comics trilogy (Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, Making Comics) in preparation for FOA’s high school debut. Just trying to see if there’s anything I missed or forgot or could stand to relearn. Feels like I’m starting over again here! And the Adult Swim show Birdgirl is really good also! They better get another season!

KAPLAN: Is there anything else you’d like me to be sure and include?

GREEN: No seriously, it needs another season to use these fun characters and world they’ve built in season 1! Now’s the time for them to grow! Also support me on patreon!

You can read Funny Online Animals right now on the Comics Kingdom website, with updates arriving on Tuesdays and Thursdays (giving your life direction once more).