Olive Oyl and Popeye are classic characters with a rich history in comics. Recently, King Features Syndicate debuted its newest comic, Olive & Popeye, a strip that initially ran back on August 30 and is now available on Comics Kingdom just in time for the anniversary of Popeye and Olive Oyl’s first kiss. 

This new comic from Shadia Amin (Aggretsuko, Spider-Ham) and Randy Milholland (Popeye, Something Positive) centers on what the famous pair does when they’re not together, including Olive’s yoga classes with her pal, Mae, or Popeye’s efforts to keep his parents from challenging each other to a death match. 

Read details here:

“Did you know that Olive Oyl had a life before Popeye? That’s right! Ten years before Popeye stepped onto the scene and stole her heart, Olive Oyl was the star of Thimble Theatre, a comic about the entire Oyl family. There was Olive, her brother Castor, parents Nana and Cole, sister-in-law Cylinda, countless cousins, and Olive’s terrible (ex) boyfriend, Ham Gravy. Popeye also has a great big family! There’s his absentee father, Pappy, his two adoptive dads, Whaler Joe and Davy Jones (yes THAT Davy Jones), his Ma, his Granny, his Aunt Jones, and of course his beloved adopted boykid, Swee’ Pea.”

There are plenty of free strips of Olive & Popeye to catch up on now. To unlock the full suite of comics (as well as other content), a subscription is required. The website also offers 30 days free to check out their offerings before paying for their service. Start reading here.

Olive & Popeye