Welcome to this week’s comics crowdfunding round-up! It’s the first week of October, so that means we have some spooky campaigns for you! Check them out! 

Renee Leshner: Conqueror of the Evil Eye

Renee Leshner

Creators: Justin Duerr (writer/biographer) and Renee Leshner
Goal: $4,500
End Date: October 31, 2022
Goodies: Digital or print copy; signed by the author/publisher and hand-numbered, limited to 50 copies; international shipping; and original art

An art book and biography of Philadelphia-based mediumistic visionary artist Renee Leshner, compiling hundreds of her drawings.

Honestly, just read the Kickstarter campaign story: it’s literally out of this world (and really interesting). This project is not only about supporting the self-taught arts community but about one man’s dream to share his friend’s “stark, iconic, haunting work” of goddesses, deities, vampires, ghouls, sentient clothing, graveyards, and phallic totems with the world. In addition, you have the chance to buy some one-of-a-kind original art!

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Fairytales From Mars

Fairytales from Mars

Creators: Vitalii Kalchenko, Ari Gross, Reda Kahloula, Matt Harding, Elisabeth Mkheidze, Rafael Badalyn, J. Valerin, Archita Mittra, Jacob Dudek, Behm MacRae, Steve Mardo, Leland BjergSierra Barnes, Kamilla Sims, Cheryl-Jean LeoMin LeeJeremiah Espinoza, Nicholas Poonamallee, and Kenneth Laster 
Goal: $12,500
End Date: October 27, 2022
Goodies: Fairytales from Mars sticker and bookmark, your name in the “Supporters Page, physical copy or digital copy, variant cover, 11×17 print, Challenge Coin, original 8×10 B&W illustration from a mystery artist, the back catalog of Bad Neighbor Comics and Joycat Comics, and six PCA coasters

An All-New Speculative Mythology Comics Anthology!

This anthology is brought to you by a talented and diverse group of creators from around the world and consists of ten brand new, original 8-page stories suitable for kids and adults. I can’t resist a good anthology (especially if it’s spooky-themed), it’s a great way for creators to experiment with ideas that don’t fit the traditional floppy format, and the format introduces readers to new (and often up-and-coming creators) they haven’t seen before. Yes, a win-win situation for everyone (and if those stretch goals are unlocked, these lovely artists get even more money, which is a double win). 

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Rituals of a Common Kind, comic series, and studio launch!

Rituals of a Common Kind

Creators: Buff Byson and Ren Luminous
Goal: $25,000
End Date: October 31, 2022
Goodies: A paperback printing or digital copy of issue #1 in PDF format; PDF collection of sketches, drafts, and sneak peeks; Scream & Sugar hard enamel pin; backer-only version of our Ritual Ouroboros Hoodie; collectible signed poster with a unique backer number; first five issues bound in a sleek, hardcover edition; physical insert of storyboard drafts, character sketches and more; and personalized message and signatures from Buff and Ren

A fantasy-horror series and studio inspired by magic, mysteries, and creatures of the night.

I AM SO HOPING EXCITED ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN. FURRIES!!!!!!!!!! It’s a struggle for anthropomorphic publishers (and fans who don’t have many to choose from), and I am excited to see Buff and Ren, who are both LGBTQIA+, try to turn their cow-tio into a full-fledged happy cow farm.

Check out what they have to say:

To us, the idea that something is “wereable” means it can be seen under a lens of magic, mystery, and transformation, akin to the metamorphosis of werewolves.  “Wereable” as a studio started from our shared interest in romantics from black lagoons, monsters seeking understanding, and, of course, werewolves. The goal of this campaign is to launch our studio and our first comic series! To sustain our studio post-Kickstarter we’re launching an online store, The Wereable Shop, as well as a Patreon. Here we’ll have our merchandise, release new collections alongside the comic, and feature extra content. Ultimately we want to bring our special blend of anthropo-morphism (meaning to humanize something which is not human), streetwear, and the horror genre into one place. We hope you find something from our studio that helps you discover or express yourself in a new and unexpected way. After all, shapeshifting is just a piece of the human psyche.

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My Neighbor Has a Red Curtain: Physical Book Release

My Neighbor Has a Red Curtain

Creators: Samantha Haas
Goal: $680
End Date: October 31, 2022
Goodies: Full comic plus behind-the-scenes content, character notes, and a fanart section; every physical copy will come with the Kickstarter exclusive sticker; two exclusive prints with all-new illustrations/designs for certain tiers; and Original Redford Paintings in the 7×10-9×12 size range

Criminologist Erie Lockhart recounts the summers she met and befriended Redford Wild, a florist/gardener serial killer in the 1970s.

I have an M.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice, so I can’t resist recommending My Neighbor Has a Red Curtain, based on an original poem by Haas of the same name, about a criminology student. While there are many comics about detectives and cops and prison guards and many of the jobs that a criminology degree prepares you for, rarely does a comic feature a criminology student themselves. I remember those days fondly, and I was excited to see a story about my distant past (although I interned in a homicide unit, I never met, let alone befriended, a serial killer).

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INFERNAL REGIONS: An undersea sci-fi graphic novel

Infernal Regions

Creators: Rebecca L. Stewart and Simon Robins (letterer)
Goal: $4,000 (However, once the stretch goal of $8,000 is reached, Stewart can donate 10% of all proceeds to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help them protect ocean wildlife.)
End Date: October 26, 2022
Goodies: Six different types of A4 giclée black-and-white print available (only 5 editions of each); full-color A3 print of the cover wraparound art by Simon Robins; and graphic novel

Infernal Regions has spent a long time slithering along the sea floor and now I must ask for your help to bring it to the surface!

I mean, how can you not support Rebecca Stewart? Rebecca’s are dope, and this creator is mad about all things swashbuckling. So I guess, it kind of makes sense that she would write an original graphic novel about saving the ocean. But what really made this graphic novel campaign stand out was the artwork: although most of the art is in black and white, it is so textured that it pops even on the computer screen. GORG.

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