Next week AfterShock Comics will release Chicken Devils #1. The next arc in the Chicken Devil series comes from the creative team of writer Brian Buccellato, new series artist Mattia Monaco, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, with a cover by original series artist Hayden Sherman and an incentive variant cover by Francis Manapul. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive first look at the issue, which gives readers a taste of where the characters are since the conclusion of the previous series.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Chicken Devils #1:

The world’s FIRST (and perhaps only) hot chicken sandwich-inspired vigilante is BACK…and this time he’s not flocking around!

See Mitchell Moss thrust in the middle of a new gang war! Watch Mitch battle his family as they actively thwart his efforts to keep them safe! And let out an exasperated SIGH alongside Mitch as he is forced into teaming up with the kill-crazy bad cops!

In a statement back when the sequel was first announced, Buccellato described the overall series and how Chicken Devils plays into it:

“A darkly comedic revenge story the tone of TV shows like Barry or Fargo, CHICKEN DEVIL puts an edgy spin on vengeful antiheroes like The Punisher and John Wick. It’s the story of a mild-mannered family man and restauranteur who breaks bad when the Russian mob murders his family. With nothing to lose, he embarks on a bloody path of revenge. There’s only one problem – he’s not equipped to be a badass. He’s not ex-military or special ops. His only unique set of skills? He makes really good chicken. So how does a regular guy even get into the murdery revenge game? Well, if you read the first volume, he did it with determination, a lot of luck, and mostly by failing upwards.”

Check out the exclusive four-page preview of the first issue below. Chicken Devils #1 is due out in stores and digitally next Wednesday, October 12th.