Funko has announced a “This Is Fine Dog” Pop figure, based on the ubiquitous internet meme that originated in the webcomic Gunshow by KC Green.

"This Is Fine Dog" Funko Pop
Question Hound will be immortalized as the “This Is Fine Dog” Funko Pop.

The specific “This Is Fine Dog” comic – which it’s hard to believe you haven’t seen – was posted in 2013 and depicts Question Hound sitting at a kitchen table and having a mug of coffee while the surrounding room is engulfed in flames. “This is fine,” he remarks as the flames grow ever closer and the smell of smoke becomes more suffocating.

Apparently, this defeated acceptance of a horrible fate is somehow widely relatable here in the year 2020. Imagine that!

Green took to Twitter to confirm his involvement in the product, which is particularly important considering some of the shenanigans that have surrounded the “This Is Fine Dog” meme in the past. In one memorable instance in 2016, The Nib paid Green to respond to the GOP’s use of the meme without permission, which led to a version of the comic that might be fairly called the “This Is Fine GOP Mascot.”

There were other instances of the comic being used without Green’s permission, as well. And to add insult to injury, this isn’t even the first time one of Green’s characters has been wildly utilized without recognition or compensation: Green was also responsible for the “Dick Butt” character who became very popular in certain internet circles a few years ago.

Fortunately, Funko has ensured that the process of bringing Question Hound to the world of vinyl figures has been above-board and have paid all due respect (and money) to the cartoonist.

“Funko’s been chill to work with,” Green wrote in a subsequent Tweet. “I did the background art even for the box. They let me have the copyright notice be ‘KC Green forever.’”

You can preorder the “This Is Fine Dog” Pop figure from Entertainment Earth now, and the product is expected to ship in December 2020 – just in time to be the sole spot of brightness in what promises to be a truly unprecedented nightmare of a holiday season. But hey – this is fine, right? This is fine.

You can support Green directly through his Patreon page.