I can’t really improve on this NYT story by Katie Rogers on the recent use of K.C. Green’s “I’m Fine” meme in regards to the GOP convention, except maybe give it a more comics centric spin.

(It’s common for musicians to criticize a political candidate’s use of their song, but a cartoonist criticizing the use of a meme derived from his art? That’s new.)

“Having this comic and other images from my past works be made into memes before, this was really nothing completely new,” Mr. Green said of his reasoning for creating the elephant image. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to like some of the people who do use it, including the G.O.P.”

Except to note that non fiction comics site The Nib is back and ran an updated version:


And Green is kickstarting a plush version of the dog, which will come in a flame embellished diorama. More than $200k has been raised in a few days.


And just to reiterate: The Nib is back, and, granted, in this election cycle they’ve been given a steaming pile of raw material that even a class of kindergarteners could turn into savagely humorous comics, but they are killing it with piece by Green, founder Matt Bors, Ruben Bolling, Keith Knight, Whit Taylor, Ann Telnaes and everyone else. The Nib IS fine, for real!