Funko recently introduced the POP! Yourself line, which allows customers to create POP! figures based on themselves, family or friends that can be customized with accessories and “buddies,” like cats, dogs, or little ghosts, just in time for Halloween or for holiday gifting.

Make your custom POP! here. 

With Funko’s new POP! Yourself line, the company is trying to establish that “Funko POP! isn’t a product line, it’s a platform,” said Dave Bere, VP of POP! and Retail. The POP! brand has infiltrated all fandoms and realms of products from apparel and books to ornaments and digital collectibles, and now they’re looking to move beyond pop culture fandom and into more personal aspects of fans’ lives.

Funko Pop Yourself BabiesFunko sees a lot of opportunities for the future such as bringing families together with events and retail experiences, and making thoughtful, personalized gift-giving easy with an accessible price point of $30 for these customized figures. And it’s not just for adults either — babies can be get the Funko Pop treatment too. Bere also stated he sees an opportunity for people to bring social media trends and memes into POP! form very quickly now too.

While the current POP! Yourself options do not include any licensed bodies or accessories, Bere stated that this was intentional for their initial launch and that those yet-to-be-named licenses will join POP! Yourself soon in 2024. Funko is also eager to listen to fans via their social media platforms about what should be added to the line. 

As part of the POP! Yourself launch, Funko is also offering Halloween options for these figures, including skeleton and ghost costume options in addition to limited-edition special accessories (a jack-o-lantern, poison bottle, and trick-or-treat bucket) for custom POP figures.

In coming weeks, as the Holiday season approaches, Funko will offer new seasonal options for custom figures, such as elf costumes. These holiday extras are just the start. Bere mentioned that they’ll be offering more special clothing and accessories for Pop! Yourself figures in the future, such as team jerseys for sporting events, limited edition options available only for conventions, and wedding-related options such as cake toppers for brides and grooms.

While POP! Yourself is currently only available to ship within the US, Funko is planning on expanding into new territories and making this available to more fans, based on the the response they see from fans across the globe. Follow Funko on their X (Twitter) at @OriginalFunko or on Instagram and share your thoughts on POP! Yourself.