Back in 2021, Wandering Planet Toys, founded by veteran animation writers Gavin Hignight and Chris “Doc” Wyatt, launched its inaugural Kickstarter campaign to produce officially licensed retro action figures based on the cult classic British TV series The Prisoner. The campaign was a smash hit, raising over $210,00 more than 10x its initial $20,000 goal. After a Nancy Drew toy line last year, fans can rejoice that a Kickstarter campaign for the second wave of Prisoner retro action figures has gone live. 

Check out the official details below and contribute to the campaign right here. While you’re at it, watch our interview with Highnight and Wyatt at WonderCon below as well.

Wandering Planet Toys is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the second wave of officially licensed action figures based on The Prisoner, the cult classic television show starring and created by Patrick McGoohan. The campaign is now live and will run until Thursday, 5/16 at 11:59 PM ET.  

“LEO MCKERN as Number 2 was by far the figure our backers most requested that we make next, and we’ve got him,” said Wandering Planet Toys Co-Founder Chris “Doc” Wyatt.  “We also have THE BUTLER (as portrayed by Angelo Muscat), who was requested almost as frequently as Leo’s Number 2! We also have variations of Number. 6, but this is called “Wave Number 2” for a reason. In addition to Leo, we have figures of THREE OTHER Number  2s ready to interrogate all the kidnapped ex-spies on your toy shelf!”

Wandering Planet Toys’ campaign features multiple tiers:

NUMBER 6 – THE GENERAL. In the Season One episode “The General,” we find Number 6 concerned that the Village’s new “Speed Learn” program could be, in actuality, a form of mind control. To discover the truth he disguises himself as a member of the “Lecture Approval Committee” in sunglasses, a top hat, and tails.


NUMBER 2 – CHECKMATE. In the memorable episode “Checkmate” featuring the iconic human-chess match, Peter Wyngarde brought a suave and particularly crafty take to his Number 2.  Pair this figure with your Wave 1 “Checkmate” version of Number 6 for more village escape attempt action!


NUMBER 2 – DANCE OF THE DEAD. The pitch-perfect Number 2 played by the great Mary Morris. The conniving villainess is at the center of a sham court case that puts Number 6 on trial for his possession of a contraband radio. When Number 6 vows that the Village will never break him, who can forget Mary Morris intoning the coiled warning: “How very uncomfortable for you, old chap”?


NUMBER 6 –  CHIMES OF BIG BEN. Number 6 in the iconic blue windbreaker from his journey, via boat and crate, traveling away from the Village all the way back to London… or so it would seem… 

NUMBER 50 – THE WATCHMAKER’S DAUGHTER. From “It’s Your Funeral” comes the Watchmaker’s Daughter, aka Number 50 (played by Australian actress Anette Andre), who teams up with Number 6 in an attempt to stop her father (the Watchmaker) from planting a bomb to assassinate Number 2—an act that would bring punishment down on the whole village!


THE TAXI DRIVER – ARRIVAL. One of the first people Number 6 encounters when he arrives in the Village is Number 16 (played by actress Barbara Yu Ling), who pulls up driving a mini-moke taxi when Number 6 pushes the “taxi rank” button on a Village information sign. Pair this figure with your Number 6 “Arrival” figure from wave 1, so she can say: “I told you we’re only the local service.”


NUMBER 6 – SECOND EDITION. The first edition of Patrick McGoohan’s NUMBER 6 was, of course, the best-selling figure of wave 1. That edition is now SOLD OUT, so we’re creating a Second Edition with the same figure but featuring a unique cardback that will only be sold during this run.

THE PRISONER retro action figures


EPISODE 2-PACKS. Episode specific 2-pack sets are back in a BIG way! CHIMES OF BIG BEN and IT’S YOUR FUNERAL… join the collection. What better way to celebrate two of our favorite episodes and two of our favorite Number 2’s?!



“CHIMES OF BIG BEN” SET, NUMBER 2 (Leo McKern) & THE  BUTLER. This set features everyone’s favorite Number 2, Leo McKern, as he first appeared in the series. Accompanying him is none other than the iconic Angelo Muscat as the Butler! Ready to serve the tea, hold the umbrella, and enable the masters of the Village to carry out their conspiracies! Pair the Butler with any of your favorite Number 2 figures (or spoilers… plan his escape with… Number 6!)

THE PRISONER retro action figures


“IT’S YOUR FUNERAL” SET, NUMBER 2 (Darren Nesbitt) & NUMBER 100. This set includes the brutal enforcer in the bright pink jacket, Number 100 (played by Mark Eden). Number 100 acts as Number 2’s minion, carrying out his evil instruction, even if it means breaking into Number 6’s Kosho gym locker. And speaking of Number 2… with his white-blonde hair and black framed glasses, Darren Nesbitt cut an absolutely iconic image as the young Number 2 in “It’s Your Funeral.” Did he make arrangements for the assignation of the older Number 2, or was it all part of an Orwellian operation targeting Number 6? Let the answer play out on your toy shelf!

THE PRISONER retro action figures


CHIMES OF BIG BEN + NUMBER 6 SECOND EDITION BUNDLE. For “Chimes of Big Ben” fans, we’re happy to offer both two-pack sets PLUS the Second Edition Number 6 for a cost-saving low price!

THE PRISONER retro action figures

CARDED FIGURE BUNDLE. Fancy the beautiful art of the carded action figures of Wave No2? This is the bundle for you! 


BOTH EPISODE 2-PACKS & SECOND EDITION NUMBER 6 BUNDLE. If your toy shelf is focused on the episode specific 2-packs, this bundle is for you! Includes the “Chimes of Big Ben” and “It’s Your Funeral” two figure sets and a second edition Number 6 (so you’ll have someone to foil their dastardly plans).

DEGREE ABSOLUTE, the “ALL IN” PLEDGE including an EXCLUSIVE THE PRISONER Number 2 t-shirt. The “ALL IN” pledge for The Prisoner Wave Number 2. Show your love of The Prisoner and your support for this unique product line by going on in… DEGREE ABSOLUTE. In addition to the full Wave Number 2 product range you’ll also receive this exclusive THE PRISONER Number 2 T-SHIRT designed by Wandering Planet Toys and only available at this reward tier!

“The second wave of THE PRISONER action figures are developed, approved by our partners at ITV and ready to go into production as soon as our Kickstarter campaign wraps,” said Wandering Planet co-founder Gavin Hignight. “The figures have been sculpted, the packaging has been designed, and we’re ready to start producing the action figures.”

In 1967 the cult classic TV series, The Prisoner burst onto the screen. The series, about an unnamed British intelligence agent who awakes to find himself trapped in an idyllic seaside village, was an instant hit with viewers at the time and went on to be watched and re-watched obsessively by fans, quickly gaining cult status. And while there have been several collectables released over the decades, The Prisoner didn’t receive a line of OFFICIALLY LICENSED action figures until WANDERING PLANET TOYS launched the first-ever wavein 2021. To support the campaign, visit Kickstarter:

“The Prisoner ™and © ITC Entertainment Group Limited. 1967, 2001 and 2021. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited.  All rights reserved.”