Last month, Vault Comics announced it would launch its first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with Wasted Space: The Cosmic Collection, “a gigantic, deluxe omnibus edition” that “is an artifact so singular, so powerful, so incredibly irreverent, it could destroy the whole galaxy.” The collection for the popular sci-fi series written by Michael Moreci, drawn by Hayden Sherman, colored by Jason Wordie, and lettered by Jim Campbell collects the complete 25 issues of the title in a 672-page hardcover edition.

The Beat chatted with Moreci and Sherman about the omnibus and what fans can expect from this new collection.

Deanna Destito: What prompted you to give Wasted Space the omnibus treatment?

Hayden Sherman: With Wasted Space spanning 25 issues, and then five volumes in its current collected form, it can be a bit difficult to get your hands on the whole series at once. Which isn’t ideal, the whole story fully takes place over those 25 issues, beginning-middle-end. So it made all the sense in the world to push for an omnibus so that new and old readers can have the entire thing in one singular place. No hunting down issues or trades, just one book and you’ve got the whole thing right there. 

Also it looks cool.

Wasted Space

Destito: Why did you think Kickstarter was the right platform for it

Sherman: This kind of collected edition is a serious undertaking, one we weren’t sure would be doable. Kickstarter and crowdfunding allows us to offer something much more high quality, and much more personal, than we’d be able to dream up alone. It takes some of the limits off while putting us right in touch with the readers/supporters. Which feels like a perfect final act for our journey with Wasted Space, to be right there with the readers, all working to see this thing become real.

Michael Moreci: Echoing what Hayden said—this is a massive undertaking, financially in particular, and committing to something of this scope isn’t easy. Kickstarter is a great way to gauge, simply, if there’s a market or if there’s not. So far, as we’re in the pre-campaign stage, the answer seems to be that there is, which is incredible. I know I want to see this thing become a reality. 

Wasted Space

Destito: Are there any new pages, surprises, etc. that fans can look forward to in this collection?

Sherman: There’s definitely a new cover! Some other fun, and kinda secret, things on the way as well.

Moreci: I’m just glad the Holiday Special, which is maybe the nuttiest thing I’ve ever written, is included in this edition. I don’t think many people read it when it came out–it was a very, very limited print run–so it’s great that’ll be more readily available. 

Destito: What about this series has set it apart from other sci-fi stories and kept it as a favorite in the genre?

Sherman: Oh man, for me personally, my favorite part about this story is that I got to draw it! My favorite genre is sci-fi, specifically big weird space opera sci-fi, so I know with 100% certainty that if I hadn’t gotten to draw this comic I would’ve adored reading it. The story Mike wove throughout our entire run is simply jaw-dropping, full of rich characters and an unprecedented amount of heart. The fact that I got to actually draw this massive epic, and work alongside the entire team while doing so, is still stunning to me.

Moreci: I think it really comes down to how bold the series is and the voice–in script and art–that drives it. There’s this thing we’ve all quietly agreed on that sci-fi has to be cerebral and tech-driven and all that, and Wasted Space is very much its own thing. It’s this story driving around down with the windows open, Motley Crue blasting, the driver waving his finger to whoever passes by. And while it’s not quite that crass–I exaggerate freely–it is, at least to me, a breath of fresh air. 

Destito: Any future plans in the Wasted Space Universe? If not, if you could revisit it, what would you center the next tale on?

Sherman: That’s a hard one to say. You never know. It’s difficult to imagine going back to it after such a decisive end. But I trust Mike’s instincts more than any. If he felt there was more story to be told, I’d do whatever I could to follow him into the breach.

Moreci: It’s hard to say. On one hand, I love the ending. I feel like we told a complete story and we really stuck the landing–I wouldn’t remove a single page nor would I add a single page. But, I also love this world so much, which makes it hard to stay away. Maybe there’s a chance we tell some adjacent adventures, but I’d need to have the perfect story in order to come back.

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