Last night, as you may have heard, Donald Trump showed how he was the toughest guy on the planet, who can stand up to Putin and Kim Jong Il, by running away from Megyn Kelly, the world’s most terrifying person. Instead of being grilled by Fox personnel on the GOP debate, Trump launched his own, by all accounts, “boring,” fundraiser for the troops and he announced several donations, including $1 million from Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter.

Trump praised Perlmutter as “An unbelievable Man, he did such a great job — one of the great great men of our country in terms of business and talent.” (You can see the mention at the 1 minute mark in the above video.

A rep for Perlmutter said “The Perlmutters are thrilled to support their friend Donald Trump in his efforts to help veterans.”

Perlmutter and his wife Laura have a long history of charitable donations, including $50 million to NYU to name the Isaac and Laura Perlmutter Cancer Center, one of the most prestigious research centers in the nation. As the first tlink shows, the couple have their own long running charity foundation, although the causes it supports are unknown

Earlier last year, Laura Perlmutter donated $2 million to a superPAC supporting another presidential candidate, Florida senator Marco Rubio. (The Perlmutters are part time Florida residents, where they are engaged in a vicious lawsuit with neighbors over a tennis court.)

While Trump touted his event as a fundraiser for veterans, all the money is actually being routed through his own charitable foundation, as reported on the conservative website The Daily Caller. So you can argue that this is either a political donation or a charitable donation, depending on how you feel.

As I’ve reported in the past, Perlmutter is definitely a good businessman, but a harsh one, whose draconian budgetary measures have been a thorn in Marvel’s side for over a decade—Perlmutter’s attempt to spread his values to the rest of Disney has been partially successful, with Consumer Products at least taking on some of his methods—including some say, Perlmutter’s veto of Black Widow and other female-based toys. However, Perlmutter’s influence on Marvel Studios was abruptly cut off when Kevin Feige staged a bold escape last summer.

A lot of outrage over this on social media, but I got news for you: very very rich people like other very very rich people. It’s why they have clubs and shit where they don’t let poor people in. Perlmutter is a known recluse but it’s possible he and the Donald have had some run ins over their long reigns over their various New York City based kingdoms. Rubio looked like a winner before he started actually talking and drinking water, so you gotta go with the front runner now. That’s common sense.


  1. “Very very rich people like other very very rich people.” Exactly so. It’s something Robin and I are fond of saying whether we’re watching sporting events or a Congressional debate or a Hollywood-based awards ceremony or a talk show. These people all have more in common with each other than they do with us, and even if they disagree with each other vehemently they’re still inclined to go out for a beer together after the game or the debate or the show.

  2. The attempt to downplay the charity is very strange. There is no reason to assume that because the money was donated to a particular organization it won’t be sent along to veterans. The website linked uses a weak argument to taint the charities motives, claiming it donated more to political organizations than to veterans. However they are only talking about 180 thousand dollars, the origin and purpose of which is no elaborated upon. This is not to mention the fact that many charitable organizations do make political donations, take planned parenthood for example.

    These points are irrelevant of course because it’s not as though the money has been misspent yet! We have no reason to assume it’s going to be, either, unless you have some pre existing bias which wants to see every virtue of this candidate perverted into a vice. Is it so surprising that he would use a personal charitable organization that already exists to facilitate this somewhat spontaneous event rather than setting up a new organization?

    I understand comics is not interested in politics other than to sling mud at perceived opponents of the hive mind, but perhaps if we hope to ever mature the medium we should attempt to broaden our minds and at least treat these topics fairly and their proponents with respect.

  3. Check this out:

    Trump’s New Pro-Veterans Website Directs All Donations To Trump’s Personal Foundation
    Rather than going directly to veterans groups, 100% of online donations on Trump’s pro-veterans site will go directly to Trump’s personal foundation.
    JANUARY 28, 2016 By The Federalist Staff
    After ducking the final Republican presidential debate heading into next week’s Iowa caucuses, GOP front-runner Donald Trump announced that he would hold his own pro-veterans event during the debate to raise money for veterans. Trump even set up a special website to solicit donations to help veterans.

    “Honor their valor,” the website,, states. “Donate now to help our Veterans.”

    The website, which is nothing more than a single page with stock photos and a credit card donation form, claims that “100% of your donations will go directly to Veterans needs.”

    There’s only one problem: 100% of the money raised on the site goes directly to Donald Trump’s personal non-profit foundation, according to a disclosure listed at the bottom of the page.

    “The Donald J Trump Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,” the disclosure reads. “An email confirmation with a summary of your donation will be sent to the email address provided above.”

  4. While i’m certainly not a fan of Trump, I think it’s hyperbole to say that he ran away from Kelly. He’s the front runner and all the other candidates would want to get their last shots in before the caucus. It’s actually a pretty smart move to bow out and just run out the clock.

  5. The other reason to doubt Trump was his raising money for the “Veterans for a Strong America” organization earlier in his campaign. Trump said the organization “represented thousands of Veterans” when it only represented one person: Joel Arends. That organization’s non-profit tax status had already been pulled after not filing income taxes for 3 years. After the fundraiser the organization declared bankruptcy and restarted under the new name “Vets for a Strong America”. There is no evidence that Joel’s former group spent any of the Trump raised money it received on Veterans.

  6. The movie “the 1 Percent” indicates how the Fanjul family is a top contributor to both the Republican, and Democrat parties (it is somewhere around 24 minutes into the documentary), and I would not be surprised if Ike contributes just as much to Hilary Clinton.

    At the end of the day, regardless of who is President, regardless of education, and salary, and work ethic the majority of our adult lives as ‘Americans’ will still be asphalt, strip malls, junk food, screens w/advertisements disguised as entertainment w/commercials, brand identity, bigotry, consumerism, more grueling traffic, homes made to be flipped instead of lived in as products and services are made to break down and take our money, outsourcing and lobbyists, and more and more and more grueling traffic -the whole time anyone you walk up to will not be able to articulate how to be involved in town hall meetings and where they take place, where city council meets or who they are, how to meet their congressmen, or how a bill gets blocked let alone passed, and never would anyone feel it would be expected to know who are non-violent protest leaders or how to be involved in a peaceful protest -because…? We are ‘Americans’ still?

    Ike can freely do whatever he wants, it is not like ‘Americans’ are going to do anything. Did you all tell yourselves to ‘think positive’, and ‘im special’ enough while sitting in traffic, and being reduced at work? Make sure to pay attention to corporate policy, so you can keep your jobs, OK? Are there enough condo complexes filled with out-sourced labor, and ‘Americans’ obsessing who is either ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, while we pretend work ethic, cooperation, and education have value?

    You guys dont actually think the USA still exists, do you? We know more about Marvel and DC brands, than we do about how to improve livability in this fake country.

  7. In the spirit of a miogynist supporting a racist like they’re Klan members too afraid to wear the white hoods in public, Ike Perlmutter’s support of noted bigot Donald Trump provides Disney and Marvel with every justification they need to kick him put of the entire conglomerate. Ike, meanwhile, is contemplating changing his name to Isaac Scott Card. When reached for comment, Ike hid behind a random veteran and whined, “It’s all Hillary’s fault!”

  8. America needs a father figure.. I can`t wait until he is President.
    The best thing when he wins is to see that silly smirks wiped off the people in shock!
    Go Trump! Make America great again.
    Freedom of Speech rules!

  9. I stopped buying Marvel’s comics years ago. Thanks, Mr. Perlmutter, for giving me a reason to continue avoiding them.

    Amazing Stam, if you have any Muslim friends or relatives, I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting them in detention camps if Trump is elected. The rest of us will be making plans to move to Europe.

  10. Rob –

    I am not a Trump supporter (Irish Catholic Democrat – not well liked by anyone), but calling an Israeli Jew who supports another candidate a Klansmen just seems in bad taste. Just a thought..


  11. I can take a poo on any of your mother’s faces right in front of you, and there is nothing you would do to hold me accountable. I love the USA, you are all pathetic, and love to hate, and be mean, and stupid, and lazy.

  12. Again, I hate Trump, but let’s be real here. On the off chance that he gets elected, do you really think he’s ACTUALLY gonna mass deport Muslims? He’s a piece of shit, but he’s a piece of shit celebrity who talks out of his ass to win people over. If he actually got elected, he couldn’t unilaterally deport anyone.

  13. @ Elayne Riggs, Andrew, Marc Arsenault, Jamie Coville, Rob J., THE AMAZING STAM RETURNS, George, zach and all y’allz mammas:

    What are YOU gonna DO-OOOOOO about IT!!!! HUH?, what are you gonna do about it! HUH! WHAT! ARE! Y-OOOOUUUU! GONNNAAAAA!!! DOOOOOO-OOOOOOO! ABOUTIT!!! NAH-NAH! You suck, I dont. I have money. You all just complain, and post comments, and shop… I love to merchandise the *u(^ out of your lives. Americans rock! Lamar knows what I am talking about, right my man!?! You tell George what is up -George, you want to run to Europe, because you are an ‘American’, right? LOL! I love you. Enjoy your Fema camp stay, and read a comic book, or dont -I make most of my money from hedge funds, and lobbyists… I love you all!

    Ike ‘yo mamma Perlmutter

  14. “America needs a father figure.”

    We already have them. They’re called the Founding Fathers. We don’t need an Adolf.

  15. “Don’t be naive George. You won’t be able to visit anyone in the detention camps.”

    But you can look at ’em through the barbed wire!

  16. “On the off chance that he gets elected, do you really think he’s ACTUALLY gonna mass deport Muslims?”

    He could if Congress gives him permission. Getting Mexico to pay for a wall along the Rio Grande might be harder to pull off. But I guess The Donald can invade Mexico if they don’t pay up.

    What’s scary is that so many Americans think these things will happen, and they’re voting for Trump to MAKE them happen.

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