…when it comes to charity. Marvel CEO Perlmutter and his wife Laura have donated another $9 million to the NYU Langone Medical Center and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. This follows a previous $50 million donation to the NYU Cancer Institute which was renamed Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center in their honor. Mrs. Perlmutter has been involved with NYU as a volunteer and president of the Tisch Hospital Auxiliary.

A third of the donation will be used to finance six joint research projects and the remaining sum will be donated to create a research facility on the Technion campus. The focus of the research will be on the metabolomics of cancer, or the relationship between cancer and metabolism and the ways understanding this can make it easier to detect and treat the disease.

Laura Perlmutter wrote in a release, “We are confident that this collaborative effort, which avoids duplication of research initiatives and creates efficiencies among marquee donors and researchers, will lead to dramatic results in the fight against this terrible disease.”

Perlmutter is a man known for being tight with a dime where business is concerned, but at least he’s helping cure cancer. In more Perlmutter news, Disney’s Robert Chapek has been named Chairman for Theme Parks, which he may be working on getting more of those Marvel characters onto Space Mountain:

In working to retool the merchandising operation, Mr. Chapek worked closely with Marvel, which continues to be run by Isaac Perlmutter, an executive known for aggressively pushing for efficiencies. How closely Mr. Chapek will remain aligned with Mr. Perlmutter in his new job was unclear, although Disney has been working to further integrate Marvel characters into its parks around the world.

And finally, the Perlmutters are also involved in a web of three lawsuits involving neighbors in Palm Beach, FL, over a tennis court. But the suits also involved defamation, mental anguish and other fol de rol, including Laura Perlmutter ostracizing the plaintiff’s wife from their social circle:

Another ongoing lawsuit, filed by Peerenboom in October 2013, outlines what he alleges is the back-story of the feud.

That lawsuit, filed against Perlmutter and 10 others, said the dispute began in 2010 when Peerenboom became active in the community affairs at Sloan’s Curve. He and others discovered Donnelly had been operating the tennis center for more than a decade without competing for the contract as required by Florida law.

Among other allegations in that lawsuit, Peerenboom said Donnelly invited nonresidents to the complex for tennis lessons and ran a real-estate business out of the tennis center. He disagreed with Perlmutter and Raphael over Donnelly running the center.

Trust me: you do not want to disagree with Ike Perlmutter.


  1. It’s quite heartening to hear of Isaac Perlmutter’s charity.
    This is especially important to remember in the context of 20, 25, and 30 year comics industry veterans having their pay rates chewed down. With the implications that they’d, “Get more work if they lowered their rates”.
    That’s an actual quote from Marvel corporate.

    No lie, just the facts and as I see it those working professionals might have given up some pay so that Marvel corporate could look good to Disney’s corporate board. Seems a bit selfish given as how Isaac is just giving it away anyway!


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