Image will be publishing digital collections of the handsome webcomic Scatterland by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, it was announced as part of this Image Expo hoopla. You can buy the first collection right here in DRM-free pdf, cbz, cbr and ePub format. The first issue is $.99. It’s part of a larger move to build up Image’s webcomic store with more digital editions — and apparently a move that gives them an outlet outside of ComiXology.

Scatterlands involves the heroic fantasy adventures of a princess on the run.


  1. 1) DRM-free, you-own-the-file comics. (Looks like you can download multiple formats. Can you download it again, on a different computer?)
    2) Direct-to-consumer sales. Is this “Marvel Mart” 2.0?
    3) Will this make Image Comics more attractive to creators?
    4) How soon before Image becomes the second biggest publisher of comics in the U.S.?

  2. My Digital Comics has been offering DRM-free pdfs and such for years. On titles from a wide range of indie publishers plus Boom, Dynamite, Markosia, Shadowline, Top Cow, etc. You’d think someone at Image would remember that. Ah well. Let them crow if it makes them feel better.

  3. When it was announced the crowd applauded.

    After Sony made Microsoft look like a horse’s ass at E3 this year, well, any company paying attention should realize no DRM is a crowd/customer pleaser.

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