Also announced at Image Expo was a second series from Rick Remender, this time partnering with artist Wes Craig. Deadly Class will tell the story of a high school for assassins – hey, isn’t that the premise of Five Weapons? – and will be coloured by Lee Loughbridge.


Remender promises that this book is going to be super-violent, and have some kind of rough basis springing from his own experiences of high school. He says that he found artist Wesley Craig through surfing the internet, looking through art portfolios online. So keep at it, DeviantArtists!


  1. Yeah, basic concept is pretty similar, but I’m sure Rick’s book will be different in approach, story and tone. I admit… I was sitting there in the audience when Rick started explaining his book and my eyebrows raised. But really, after he spoke about it in length (and in the following on-stage interview) it’s really nothing like Five Weapons at all.

    Also, plenty of folks came up with a school of teen assassins before I did. That’s just how it goes. Rick even talked about that (parallel development) when asked other books. It happens all the time and I’m glad to see more books having fun with this platform. I’m also sure with Rick’s name on it that it will sell very well.

  2. Remender has probably been working on this in secret for as long as Jimmie was working in secret on Five Weapons. Maybe pretty soon “criminal school fiction” can become a shelf in bookstores like “paranormal romance” or “supernatural historical fiction”!

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